Thursday, March 7, 2019

No idea if I'm going out again tomorrow- but it's mid-afternoon and I don't normally hear from my manager about the next load until 5 or later.

Meanwhile, they came and got the futon.  So now, ugh, time to tackle the project.

Meanwhile, Maria confirmed that Rene has been drinking heavily. She can't stand Rene now, Rene has literally gone off the deep end.  She lied to me about not being drunk - but she never acts out like this unless she is heavily inebriated.  I'm glad to see her going, I hope to build a relationship with Maria once Rene is gone, every one is now just waiting for her to leave before moving forward with much of anything.  Maria has a good head on her shoulders, that became evident from the get-go and she is only proving more that she isn't off the deep end.

I don't mind going through the pain of having another house on my name as long as I know I have someone competent there to keep things in check. Otherwise, it's 3 weeks before we get out of there. I don't expect to do that - unless - I find a better deal somewhere else.  Or put the money I have on a down payment on a decent house.  So far, that search hasn't come up with anything reasonable.  I have a loan on my house for much more than anything in this area and it's much cheaper monthly payments. I see rentals that have been on the market for a looooong time - probably cause' they're asking for far too much on a monthly rental rate.

Small market here. Lots of lower income. If people are rich, they aren't renting houses for the most part, they are buying land in these parts.

Anyway, I just went from 5k in savings for - whatever I end up doing - to 11k.  No rush to spend money I won't ever get back on bad decisions.  I've already done that in life, not compelled to rush into anything and see that scenario repeating itself.


Out of curiosity, I called the dealer today about the struts. He quoted me $700 to $800 off the cuff.  I was like okay let's do it now.  But I questioned him on that quote off the top of his head.  Every repair shop in town is telling me a lot more than that. Well, let me price it out and I'll call you back in 10 minutes.  So he called me back in 20, lol.  No, not a big deal but he apologized for it without my even mentioning it when he called.

His price went well up - $1,200, but nothing like the $1,500,, $1,700 and higher prices I have been quoted around town.  It's the dealer, you would expect them to be higher than everyone, now lower. Plus a 2 year warranty on their work. Plus a reputable dealer.  Yup, I'm doing it.  He said he had to order the parts, do you want me to? Yes please.  I need my Jeep back from the other house temporarily while I drop my SUV off and have it repaired.  But he said to not bring it before Friday.

Okay. Meanwhile, my manager didn't bother to contact me today about a run for tomorrow.  I could text her now, but it's too late to do anything about it.  2 days max sitting out tho.   Had a trucking company promising regional runs call me today.  But the pay? lol  $1,250 per week gross pay. That's pauper's pay in the trucking industry, especially considering the amount of driving they want. A recruiter called as well and I got into a long discussion, just for the fun of it.  I called him out on numerous of his claims, where he laughed and said you're right.  Yeah, I'm right and you're a freaking liar.

Recruiters are historically and everlastingly known as complete and total, bold-faced liars. They tell fairy tales.  I call them all out on it now.  Don't even think about starting a line of s*** with me, buddy, I've been around a while, I know this industry, I know what you are saying is bs.

I'm ready to travel, btw.  It's a mind frame that comes and goes. When it comes, I'm ready to jet out of here. When it goes, I'm ready to stay home. No explanation that I can give in logical metrics, just the way it works with me. I could be jetting across the Atlantic right now and be really happy about that . Except the part of being crammed into tight seating arrangements.  Mostly, my legs being jammed up against the seat in front of me.  It gets to hurting after a couple of hours, can't even imagine what an ocean flight would feel like. I'd have to get up numerous times and walk up and down the cabin. I dunno if they allow that anymore.

As for Rene? She sent me this long, rambling, accusatory, scathing text last night.  I didn't reply to it.  No point in it.  It isn't going to change, she isn't going to see anything different besides her own, narrow, anger-laced view.  I'm telling y'all, I have done everything I can to help that lady.  Spent a lot of my own money.  Time. Dedication.  Desire to help people.  Nothing to be gained back from it.  Nothing.  No desire for anything back.  Well, I don't want to be shit on for helping a person.

Short trip, got that over with. I no more than got back to the yard and left for home when I got a text from yet the newest version of a di...