Friday, March 15, 2019

I mean, gag.
I had the runs yesterday, started shortly after I got done loading at the plant and trying to drive the 582 miles down to Brownsville.  One stop after another after another - til I got to a truckstop and got some some Pepto Bismol.  They didn't have the other stuff I like better - Imodium - at that point? Anything would be better than no relief, especially trying to get the miles over with. 

Whatever.  I made it down there with minutes left on the 14 hours clock - I had spent so much time pulling over lmao.  I pulled into the yard down there and looked over to see some Mexican truck drivers - butchering 2 pigs on the picnic table. I mean, whatever makes them happy lol.  After getting the loaded trailer dropped on the cement pad, I did my paperwork and found - 2 - empty trailers.  The "new" company is trying to do away with as much detention pay as possible.  Makes sense for the bottom line, not very helpful for my profit endeavors.  Anyway,  I "off-duty" drove up to get some food and came back.

By that time, they had the heads of the pigs severed from the bodies and the guts gone and the innards - out lol.  I had to walk by them after parking to dump my paperwork into the mailbox. I got into a conversation with them - they invited me to partake. Caveat?  It won't be done until midnight.  I wanted some - that is some fine food right there - but midnight? I'd be asleep and I was. Sleeping that is. 

In this interim, another driver showed up - we talked for a couple of hours actually.  It started out with bitching about the company - but I wanted off of that subject. We ended up leaving at the same time this morning so we were traveling together up the highway.  During that time, my manager sent me my next run: Mapleton Illinois.  Good run, good miles.  And then "I need you to call me". She usually just calls me so I dunno why she didn't.

So I called her instead.  Marvin - manager in another division - needs to borrow a truck.  Would you be interested in moving to another truck? It's never had a problem, it runs perfectly as far as we know.  It's hard to answer a question like that without seeing the inside of the truck and how it's been treated.  But I thought, couldn't be any worse than the pile of s*** I'm driving now, so what the hey.  I agreed to switch.  She wanted me out of there today, no way!  I'll need to come back in the morning and do that. 

Well, when I got to the yard curiosity got the best of me. I got the trailer dropped, paperwork turned in and then found the truck. It's another driver that just quit. Yup, they're leaving.  Slowly but surely, drivers are finding greener pastures.  I can gleefully say I made a good = guess = on the other truck. It has a custom driver's seat- it's a $2,000 seat. Yes, they have seats that cost that much and more.  It has a memory foam, thick mattress.  It's immaculate inside and out.  The only thing I can see wrong with it is the handle on the refrigerator door is broken off. I will be asking to have that fixed-replaced. 

Anyway, while checking this truck out, another driver showed up. He's newer and very unhappy.  Long story short - he's getting shafted as bad as I have been.  Today is Friday, he said she - our manager - wasn't scheduling him for his next run until Wednesday. WEDNESDAY!!! That's 5 days from now! I've had her doing that shit to me too, tho.  k

Whatever.  I got my account for stock trading up and running.  Now? I have no idea what to invest in. That's going to be a whole nother' realm of investigation and research. I'll probably do penny stocks to start with.  Kind of like playing BlackJack, I want to get my feet wet before  diving in.  Going to dump a grand into the account, look at a lot of info and make some transactions. 

Well I had a lot more stuff but it's getting late. Going to sleep : ) G'nite. 

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