Saturday, March 16, 2019

Today's offering:
Well, I have to run over to the truck yard and finish cleaning out of one truck and moving to the "new" truck. The new truck has 350,000 miles on it, but that's half of what the truck I'm has.  It has a fancy driver's seat and a memory foam top bed.  It's clean as a whistle and is in much better condition than my truck. I feel sorry for the team that is getting my truck, they aren't going to like it when the cruise control quits working.  But it's whatever to me, this was given as a choice to me to take it or leave it, the only drawback is moving from the old truck to the new.  It's quite the process because as a person living on the road half the time, I have quite a bit of stuff in there. 

I really don't want to run into other drivers there tho. I've heard enough of the bit*****, I have a very good view of what's going on.  People are unhappy, I get it.  Some people are getting treated better than others, I get that.  I don't like it but I have mixed feelings. If you're a 20 year driver at the same company perhaps you should get some kind of special treatment considering your tenure?  Perhaps, but then again, if you want to keep your newer drivers, you'll have to keep them busy.  More people are talking about quitting, another one just bit the dust.  I should sent a message to management that the don't need to be hiring anyone, but that apparently isn't in their purview of reasoning.

And since they won't bother to tell us what their reasoning is, we are left to speculation, making judgments and assumptions and people getting angry and frustrated.  My guess is that they are hoping to get those contracts back - at the end of the year - and trying to get enough drivers to keep the customers happy.  If that is their goal, they are shooting their foot to save their face.  Getting rid of your good drivers by virtue of not taking care of them is a good way to get more contracts terminated.

Anyway, today we are celebrating Jaxon's birthday.  He already turned 2, but I guess they chose this date for unknown reasons to have the party.  Funny, cause the kitchen is literally in a shambles. All the cupboard doors are off and all the drawers are out - repainting it. 

Oh, and my stock account is finally opened with Chase. I don't know what took them so long, but now all I have left to do is transfer money to the account and figure out what to buy. The "figure out what to buy" part is what's eluding me.  I thought maybe start out with $500 or a thousand worth of penny stocks and "see what happens" but I don't want to just throw money out the window on a bad buy.  So, in the next coming weeks I will be spending voluminous amounts of my free time studying whatever info I can get on how to recognize a good buy, what kind of metrics and info I should be looking for to make the decision. Any start ups will be risky, but minimizing my risk by minimizing the investment may make such ventures worth a try.

Who knows, but I have been wanting to do this for many years now.  And since I have given up on that 77 acres - I simply don't have enough down payment money, it's a rare opportunity for that kind of property that close to town - I am going to invest some of it and see if I can start seeing some returns.  This is literally something I should have done years ago. With my penchant for learning everything possible about any endeavor I get myself into, I feel reasonably confident that I can figure this stuff out and start making money.  It's no more a gamble than my infrequent visits to the casino to play blackjack - and sometimes I do lose.  People make and lose fortunes in the stock market, it only makes sense to at least try and see what happens. 

And buying the stock is easy: just input the symbol of the company, tell them how much money I want to spend and that's it, as far as I can see. 

Well, as much as I'd love to spend more time writing out stuff, I must get this truck endeavor over with, the day isn't getting any younger. 

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