Sunday, March 17, 2019

That took hours.  I wasn't asked to but I decided I wanted the truck to be in the same condition as when I got in it, so after getting all of my stuff out of it, I decided to scrub it down and making it look and smell fresh.  I'm not saying it was a pig stye, not even close.  Just wanted it to be nice for whoever came in there next.  They are going to hate that truck once they get the warning lights on and the cruise control quits working.  I can't help them with that.  It's a team going in there. They hire teams to get into trucks with almost 700k miles on it? lmao.  Anyway, I was happy they at least were getting a clean truck.

To that end, my manager ended up going to the yard after I told her I was done and apparently inspected the thing.  She doesn't go to the yard on weekends.   I didn't know how to take that, ,but whatever.  I took pics of the inside of the truck in case anyone is going to try to say something different about it.  I even scrubbed the inside of the refrigerator out.  I mean, I went full tilt on cleaning the thing.

Now, the truck I am now in? Needs a bit of cleaning and some good air fresheners put in all the vents It doesn't smell bad in there per se - but it doesn't smell fresh and clean in there, either, like my old truck does.  I have air vent fresheners, pine trees,  and 2 different types of sprays to keep it nice in there.  

In any case, that ordeal is over with and now onto other things.  

Sunday.  I knew I was forgetting something yesterday - haircut.  Well, this town doesn't have any salons open on Sundays.  Just a small town with old ways of doing things. Sundays a lot of family owned businesses here aren't open.  But I'm going to be on the road for 3 days and not particularly wanting to have my hair looking the way it does.  I may end up driving 35 miles to the nearest town that will have a salon open today.  

Well, the house is alive and kicking.  They are still working on painting all the cupboard doors and drawers in the kitchen. Their goal is to have it finished today.  Good luck!  She's determined tho, and when she gets into that mode, it mostly likely will be finished today.  Which is a good thing cause right now?  The kitchen is in a shambles.  

Well, I figured the Rene situation would change - and it did. Profuse apologies to the point I couldn't just continue to ignore it.  So I forgave her and we met up with Maria at the Applebee's down the street and - all seems well for now anyway. She's leaving this weekend permanently.  

Well I got sidetracked, Sunday is over, time to go to bed. Long day ahead of me tomorrow.  

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