Monday, March 25, 2019

So, it's Monday morning, somewhat early at 5:47 am. 
Taylor has decided to start up the diet again.  She has trouble staying on it.  I get it, diets aren't fun and you really have to put your mind towards the end goal to stay on one. 
But, this time, she's part of a pool of people at her work to see who can lose the most weight in a month. Each person is putting in $20, whoever wins gets the kitty. 

Well, it's easier to do something like this when someone you know is doing it as well. It's even easier when that someone is a person you are living with and has to eat the same kinds of food.  I've been on my own with this since shortly after we started it.  I was determined tho, to lose as much as I could. 

And I've stalled out again. It's obvious: I need to exercise with this diet. Most people do.  I just haven't felt like it, to be honest and haven't really done anything. But, I took that two mile walk yesterday which took about 30 minutes.  My feet were hurting at the end tho.  I have a $125 pair of walking shoes I got from the work yearly allotment for steel toed boots from Red Wing.

I didn't need another pair of work boots, the ones I have will last at least another year if not 2.  I only use them for unloading and at plants, they require those kinds of boots with all these dangerous chemicals and processes around. I also have to wear a fire retardant jump suit and other protective gear - all supplied by the company at least.  Anyway, I got this hiking shoes/sort of boots from Red Wing that I haven't even worn yet except to try on.  I'm guessing they will also hurt my feet until they are broken in.

But, hopefully, she stays on the diet and that will give me the motivation to go ahead and start light exercise - just walking and some weight lifting - every day or every day it's possible anyway.  Today, I'll try to do at least a mile walk after I'm done and parked wherever I'll be.  I haven't done this route before so I really have no idea where I"ll be on the way back.  I'll be looking for that after I get on the road and get 4 or 500 miles behind me.  The era of ELD's meant the era of everyone trying to find parking all at approximately the same time.  It's a fact: people cheated with paper logs.  Meaningless to me, a few extra minutes or even an extra half an hour to find a place wasn't a big deal.  Nobody cared, now we are forced by a piece of electronic garbage to find places and since it's forced on all of us, the truckstops fill up early.

Case in point the Petro I stayed at 2 nights ago.  All the free spaces were gone, it was 8:30 pm. The Love's was full, the Flying J was also full.  The only spots left were the Petro's pay parking. $18 to park! That's nothing short of outrageous.  I can see maybe $10.  Goes to show how often I pay to park.  If I come on this run again, I won't be looking to stop in that area, I'll either stop somewhere up the road if time permits or I'll stop before that area.

WEll, someone has stolen my CapitalOne credentials somehow - I haven't been on that site for 2 and a half weeks - and used it to purchase Apple Pay cards. It's like the 10th time this has happened, but the first time it's happened with CapitalOne.  My card is now restricted.  I'm of the mind to leave it like that, but I sometimes use it to gain the free points rewards.  I paid for the SUV repair just for that purpose.  It gets really old having accounts that are hijacked by thieves.  The banks always eat the loss, but I still hate it. 

Anyways, I'm half hour from my departure time, time to get moving!

Happy Monday. 

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