Saturday, April 6, 2019

So the mechanic texts me after 4:00:  The truck is done and can be picked up as late as 9:00 pm.  Are you serious?  So if I drive to the yard and no one is there, how do I get to Tyler to get the truck?  Who is going to take me there?  I didn't bother to ask the question, as far as I was concerned, the day was toast that late in the afternoon, next?  I texted my manager hours and hours ago about the my contacting the President of the division, she never texted me back.

I dunno what that means. I don't really care.  I did what I had to do.  Because I am not going to continue to just be trampled over and eat it without any kind of action on my part taken to alleviate it.  There is too much history, in such a short period of time.  I've eaten it long enough. Learn from my past: don't wait, confront situations head on.  Sometimes it's prudent to wait, well I've waited and I've seen where that has gotten me.

My manager needs some training.  Serious training.

I've heard nothing back from anyone about this situation, yet, after the President's email, so beit, I will wait now and see what happens. There are other things I could do, but that would be on the side of "well it's time to move on, might as well grab the bull by the horns" type of scenario.  I'm not there yet.  But I'm really tired of broken down trucks. And in the case where I'm not getting break-down pay such as now, it really sucks.  I get on the verge of starting to make up for lost time - and I lose time again.


Well what fun that was. 30 plus miles the yard, wait there for an hour while the other 2 that were also going - on to Dallas after Tyler - came back - then off to drop off the first truck, then to the Peterbilt dealership before I could finally come back to the yard with the truck.  I should have just drove the truck until the filter totally clogged up and broke down. Then I would have gotten break-down pay instead of sitting home 6 days.

I'm going to Mapleton, Illinois again on Sunday. It's worth something, but certainly not an entire paycheck's worth.  Not really happy about that.  If this happens again, I'm going to specifically ask if it can just be done while on the road and actually receive some pay from this company.  The idea that I should sit around and get nothing while "working" for this company is ludicrous.

Okay, onto other things. Such as tonight.  I contacted Taylor earlier while she was at work - I didn't take anything out for dinner and I just got home from getting the truck.  Back and forth, I said I would make Keto pizza - I've been wanting to make it for days now.  But then she blurted out: Margaritaville! Unlimited crab legs!  Okay! lol, I wasn't going to argue, as long as I don't have to drive.  I fun night out without having to drive? Yes!  And maybe some time at the blackjack tables.....that would be fun. Not a huge fan of the tables in Shreveport, but maybe I'll strike it lucky, who knows.

The thing that sucks - if I know in advance how long these truck break-downs are going to take and I'm at home, I can take a trip somewhere.  I wouldn't have to sit around here, I could be flying over the ocean or just going back to AZ for a visit.

Well whatever,  a fun night may be just what the doctor ordered.

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