Sunday, April 7, 2019

Amazingly, the deals on desk top computers are significant. Significantly low.  I think I mentioned that a glass of water dropped onto my desktop computer, the water went straight into the cooling fan and into the cabinet, destroying the computer.  Well, probably destroying the motherboard, but same difference.

So, not wanting to continue to live without a desktop computer, I decided to go looking this morning.  $200 give or take the cost of a computer meeting the parameters of what I want.  Not a gaming computer, just for internet and such, you don't need anything fancy.  This is the best deal I found:

HP A Grade Desktop Computer 600 G1-SFF Intel Core i5 4th Gen 4570 (3.20 GHz) 8 GB DDR3 500 GB HDD Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit

That is a refurbished computer. That was all I was looking at. Even Walmart has them, but Walmart's deals weren't as good, as walmart wanted to include the monitor and speakers as well plus charging tax, which put it well above the price I paid for this unit.   I already have those items and I don't need to pay extra for them. So, the above computer I purchased from Newegg earlier for a cost of $209.  No tax and no shipping fee. I dunno how they got away with no tax, I thought that was mandated now by our lovely politicians making sure they get their filthy greedy fingers on everything.  

Anyway, that is a good price for a computer with 8 gigs and an i5 Intel processer.  500 gig hard drive suffices. I'm not a big fan of Windows 10, but I have Windows 7 available if I decide I can't deal with the 10.  It will suffice until/if'/when I decide to rebuild my old computer. Not a priority at this point, I have other things I need to do with my money.  

It is Saturday, I have a run set for tomorrow morning, early.  Like, getting up at 4:00 am on a Sunday.  It will have been fully 7 days since I last worked.  Unacceptable.  I would have gone to work today, but there weren't any decent loads available. The run tomorrow is a 3 day run, decent pay - tho it isn't going to make up for 7 days off.  It's what was available, oh well, on the 3rd day of this upcoming run, I'm going to ask to be sent right back out to make up for all the time off. Whether that happens or not, I have no idea.  Work is slow, one of the senior drivers went back to Colorado to haul LNG gas and wait it out for whether it will ever pick back up.  I predict that won't occur until around October or November of this year.  

And that is certainly not guaranteed. But that's when we lost partial contracts last year, we're 6 months into and work has basically been slow the entire time. IF we get those full contracts back, we will be busier than some of us want to be and then it will warrant hiring more drivers.  Or perhaps, hiring them a bit in advance.

Anyway, full tilt cleaning going on today - after spreading grass seed in the back yard and covering it up with straw.  The back yard grass is almost entirely Rye grass now, the summer grass - i think it was St Augustine grass - was all but completely gone.  Today, it's raining, tomorrow and the next day.  The straw over the top of the completely barren areas will keep it from floating away and will keep it moist.  But now was the time to start this, before the heat comes and the rye grass dies off.  It will help keep the seed from floating away in the rain - tho fortunately it isn't raining hard, just the perfect amount to moisten everything without flooding it - and hopefully get some started.

I just got through scrubbing the entire bathroom by hand, floors included.  I don't much care for a smelly bathroom, but if it is going to smell, it's going to smell like cleaning agents with perfume in them or whatever makes them smell good. 


6 full days off - over. Sunday morning, early.  Preparing for 3 days out. 

The news nowadays is quite entertaining on specific topics. To build a wall or to tear the existing fence down, that is the question that pervades the news and the major topics of discussion with some of these lefty politicians that want to be the next President.  Some of these candidates to have any policy listed anywhere, at all. Beto is one of them.  He's cool, man, he should be your next president! lmao.  And people thought Trump had no qualifications for the office......

I've received no more replies from the president of the company. I'm not sure how long it takes to simply find out why they reached the decision that they did? I'm not the only one that questions the actions and decisions of this company, tho, that's for certain. 

Anyways, the clock doesn't stop ticking and it's time to get out of here.

Happy Sunday.  

Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...