Wednesday, April 10, 2019

I forgot to bring my laptop home and my new desktop hasn't arrived yet.
So, back to the nightmare of this  laptop - it only needs a new keyboard lol.  I hope it will work at least to make an entry.

Anyway, I got up at 4am, but reluctantly. The alarm went off, I could have slept for a couple of more hours. Regardless, 410 miles to go, I got with it - until I got to a Love's about 130 miles down the road.  Shower, fuel and tried to get a low carb hamburger from Hardee's.  It was too early and they wanted me to get something else. No thanks. Another 150 miles and I stopped to heat up some food I had brought with me - quite delicious.

After that, I"m about 100 miles from the yard.  My manager texts me - We need that trailer back here - like now. Lol, I'm 100 miles out, it won't be "right now".  I'm not a magician, the truck doesn't have wings and I can't just magically be there, at the yard!  They had a load come up last minute - which almost never happens - and I was the only trailer within range to be able to take it.  I mean, I couldn't get it there any faster than what I did and I thought nothing of it.

During that 100 last miles, I got a call. Bethlehem PA.    I didn't answer this one, but I knew that it was probably from my company.  Sure enough! The President of the "sub-company", leaving a message.  I won, the maintenance director lost. How you have the engine brake set up, as the President described it, is a matter of driver preference.  OK! I had no idea until this truck that were is any other setup, I only knew that the way it is set up now is ridiculous and stupid.  When I'm on hills, I don't want to hit the brake pedal every single time I want the engine brake to come. It neeeeeeeeeeds to come on as soon as I let off the accelerator.  

Whatever.  I dunno when the change will occur, apparently they put our mechanic through hell doing a week's worth of research attempting to figure out how it all works.

It was a simple request, that's what I can say.  It wasn't a demand. The truck was already at Peterbilt, they should have just had it done there.  The mechanic was making it sound like, when I was discussing this with him today, that they had been considering it all along. So, I asked him: "The way you were talking about it when I first made the request, it was that the director of maintenance flatly said no"?  He just sat back in his chair and smiled, gave gesture of "no" and said yup, he wanted nothing to do with it, it wasn't happening.

I'm probably on a shit list now.  I don't care, but it's probably what it is. Tho they can't supersede the President, apparently he's more on the driver's side than on their side if it's a reasonable request. I dunno about complaints.

So, unheard of for me in a long time, I am actually going back out tomorrow.  The unusual part is that I am usually sitting at least 1 day at home, if not two, since the slowdown. The bad part is that I am going to cheniere. The only good part about that is that I will be back in time to get that run on next week's paycheck.  It's an underpaid run, worth maybe $350 - more if there's detention down there - but it goes into 2 days.

My dinner concoction - disappeared.  I was pretty proud of it, considering I just decided what I wanted in my mind and hoped to come out with a finished product that tasted like I envisioned. 50% of Keto recipes are the worst garbage I have ever tasted.  It took a while for me to come to the conclusion that I could just make up stuff in my mind, be Keto friendly - and taste far better than any of that s***.

Dinner was pre-cut beef cubes - I would have bought a roast and cut it myself, but this stuff was cheaper per pound.  And going off on tangents - the price of beef has gone out of control.  I was looking at price-per-pound, as high as $18?!!  The cheapest stuff there besides these cubes was $6.99 per pound and we're not talking high quality.  I mean, if I had been home earlier I would have defrosted some out of the freezer.  And frankly, dinner tonight? Was actually road food until I found out it I'm going to Cheneire.

There was literally nothing in beef on sale.  Unusual to say the least.  Well take that back, ground beef. Walmart was even more ridiculous in beef prices.  I can tell ya, I can live without beef at those prices. Chicken is fine by me. And that coming from a person that can afford whatever - I just don't see paying that much money for a cut of meat that isn't even on the prime side of things.

Seeing that today just further fortifies my position of buying desired cuts of beef - and other meats - when they come on sale and freezing them.  The overflow has gone into the second freezer.

Wednesday morning.  Kind of in limbo. No idea when a trailer will shop up, but under normal circumstances I'll have to leave in 45 minutes.  Realistically, who knows when a trailer will show up, but I'd like to be at the yard, waiting.  The later start I get, the later into the night I will have to go to get down there and get the trailer unloaded.  I've been up as late as 2 am doing that, very much not my cup of tea. 

And, I am going to definitely get this computer fixed. It's a pricey computer and it's only a keyboard, less than $100 fix.  I really didn't use it that much, it doesn't have a lot of miles on it. 

Anyway, I'm thinking of a "quick trip" to Phoenix in the next month or two.  I simply don't make enough trips back there and I want to change that.  3 days

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