Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Tuesday morning.
Alarm went off in the middle of a deep sleep.
I hate when that happens.  Takes forever to wake up.

Never-the-less, today is a Brownsville run which will go perfectly with the run I just got done with and make for a nice, fat healthy paychceck next week - that's whether there's any detention pay down there or not.  I have no idea if that's still happening down there, I just know 2 trips ago down there I did, at least get about 14 hours worth.  But, as with everywhere we go, they are trying to do away with detention pay, I'm sure it's this new company we have been consumed by.  Eliminating it altogether would be a big cut out of annual earnings.

Unless, of course, my manager keeps me running, then detention pay becomes irrelevant. It's just easier to sit around getting paid to nothing than it is to be running down the road constantly. 

As for my investment intentions, I've been reading for some time now that the Motley Fool - I know, it's a weird name - has a good track record of calling stocks to invest in. They really have a good reputation. There is a subscription fee, but at least if nothing else I can get a little better knowledge of how and what to look at when considering a stock to purchase.  I haven't done that yet,  I was going to last time I was home but I got caught up hanging out with James and just chatting and having a good time, really.

I'd like to dump a couple grand into 3 or 4 different stocks initially and test the waters. 

Well, it's time to get out of here and put in a 14 hour work day. 
Well here I am, at home and on my "new" / refurbished computer. So far, so good and all the USB ports work, that is refreshing.  My old computer half of them didn't work, another reason I wanted to rebuild it. This one also has the high speed ports. I plugged my new wifi adapter in and it's working swimmingly  Much faster than what I had before.  But I have another one I'm going to try, it's got an antenna on it and may even be faster. It wouldn't work in my old computer, the ports wouldn't accommodate for the speed increase.

Anyway, that was the extent of anything I am doing today.  Besides smoking some pork ribs, which are smoking as I type and have been smoking a couple of hours now.


That was yesterday.  Ended up hanging out with James outside for hours in front of a nice fire and eating the smoked goods out there.

The smoked chicken wings were amazing. Had never tried doing that with them before,  we"re going to get 3 or 4 packages of them and have a feast of them.  We weren't actually going to smoke chicken wings, I had rigs in the smoker, but the sell by date on the package showed yesterday as being the last day, so we threw them in there.

Anyway, Monday morning, the kitchen was a disaster.  I just can't live like that, so I just got done cleaning all of that up and now about to go get a much needed haircut.  No clue whether I'm going out tomorrow, don't really want to, a couple of days off would be nice after going hard for 2 longer runs - but - I wouldn't turn it down or even hint that I want another day off.  Money - takes precedence. A Brownsville run would be nice. 2 days, good money and make it on the next paycheck.

Meanwhile, I was looking at Care Credit, the promotion runs out next month.  And I was looking at loans.  Cheaper rates than dumping it on to another credit card and won't hit my credit score the same as transferring the funds. And then the phone rang, I credit company I had looked into for a loan/ Blah blah blah, what prompted you to not finish your loan application?  I guess I should expect such calls, but I don't need a stranger on the phone questioning my motives or decisions.

I just don't know how much I want to borrow atm.  I'm considering a few other things to add onto a loan, but I don't really want to pay too much more than what I am currently paying to service the monthly payments.  Tho, that would go back up once they add the interest back onto that care credit card.  It's a nice program - a year to pay it back interest free - if you can do that.  But I'm guessing they calculate that most people can't do it and therefore, they get to tack all that interest back on.  I'm not really complaining, per se, just that it's a gimmick  I doubt most people that would need to use a card like that are going to be able to pay back a large amount of debt still remaining after a year.  I'm just fortunate that some of my credit decisions have finally paid off and very well into the good range for credit score.

And dinner is ready. For all one of me. The entire house is gone  Only James will be coming home tonight. Taylor is in Kansas and the boys are in Arkansas.  The lady and her 2 kids that are coming to stay for a while aren't going to be here for a couple more weeks.

And, Brownsville tomorrow. Haven't been down there in quite a while, actually.  I prefer it over a lot of runs, but the last couple of runs were worth far more money.  Longer time out on the road the only drawback.  I'd prefer a long run, and then a shorter run and alternate like that But what I prefer and what I get? lol.

Ahh, so I was tempted on a pontoon boat.  I want to go boating, I want to go fishing.  So the small images of the boat on my Iphone had it looking good. But when I got to my 22 inch computer screen and looking? oops! Lots of cosmetic work needs to be done.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...