Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The tranquility of sitting in a huge hotel room, nicely appointed, quiet, solitude and time to reflect.  It really puts me into a different state of mind, like I just left earth and went somewhere tranquil where the cares of this world have temporarily disappeared.  I have a little over 3 hours left in this little world before checkout time forces me out the door.  A trailer will not likely show up until this afternoon. The last couple times I've been down here, trailers didn't show up til afternoon, either, so there is no hurry to rush back over to that yard and then sit in my truck all day long waiting.

The Yard manager said the waiting line for trucks to get into the US has grown for unknown reasons.  Well I know why, I've seen the news reports and I've seen them taking video of trucks in a single file line, over 3 miles long, taking up to 10 hours to get across the border. It's the border crisis and taking manpower from ports of entries and relocating them elsewhere.  BP is doing whatever it has to to try and stem the tide of illegals crossing into our nation.  I mean, for me it's a bonus.  If I have to stay for detention, I want it to be good and long, not just a few hours.  I'm at 14 hours right now and will be at minimum 17 hours before it's over.  This is the icing on the cake for my next paycheck.  If I get out of here late - which I am guessing I will, I'll just drive until I get too tired and pull over for the night.

Tho, hopefully, I would get past Houston at least. Going through Houston at night time is far preferable than going through there anytime during the day. It's 5 hours from here give or take, even if I got out of here at 6:00 pm today I'd likely drive through Houston to get it over with.

Well, a phone call to the grass company settled that issue.  I placed an order with them something like 2 weeks ago. The order never processed and my credit card wasn't charged - tho it showed a pending charge for a couple of days, that fell off of there.  They shipped it yesterday and be there at latest Friday.  Be nice if it came today, waiting for me for when I get home to go ahead and plant it.  The front yard is rather abysmal - the St. Augustine grass died in certain spots over the winter and has not come back.  I planted Rye grass which came up beautifully - but that's a winter grass and the summer heat will kill it.  You have to replant that every year in Fall. Kind of a pain but produces a beautiful grass that would be awesome if it lasted year round.

I take up a few projects around the house here and there, nothing too pricey since it's not my house but I'm living there and have been living there for like 4 years now.  I like a certain standard of beauty and cleanliness, especially out on the front part of the house.  The neighbors continue to vex us in the back yard as they haven't cleaned up that yard since I moved in there. The rain comes flooding through their yard, picks up all those leaves, dirt and everything else and washes it right into our yard, every single time it rains. The efforts to clean up the previous mess are washed away with a bunch of dead, rotting twigs that have been sitting in their yard for years. 

Well, inevitably, my time is running out here.  There is another driver who was a couple hours behind me that may already be over there.  It wouldn't bother me at all if he took the next trailer to come in and leave me "stranded".  Unless 2 were coming in today then it wouldn't help.  I forgot to ask the yard manager yesterday if it was just one or 2 trailers coming. 

Other things I am musing, but I best end this one.

I was about to leave the yard this morning and realized I had left my new laptop in my SUV.
Considering what's going on now, I would have been very unhappy with myself if I had forgotten to bring it.
Well number one, I didn't sleep that well last night.  I got to work, got the truck/trailer hooked up, got to the plant, loaded it and din't make it maybe 120 miles down the road before I was forced from severe fatigue to take a 35 minute nap.  I just couldn't drive in that condition.  I felt much better after that nap, tho, and proceeded to drive the rest of the route down to Brownsville out - with the necessary stops for fuel and the wonderful baked half-chicken at Stripes.

It was 7:30 pm when I got down here and the staff was still in their offices. That is very unusual for this place.  After dropping the loaded trailer, I looked around and found - no empties! Yay!  That made me very happy.  I would get at least 10 hours of detention pay, I thought, maybe more.  Well, the dude that runs the place was in there.  When do you think you'll get another trailer in? Well, tomorrow, but throws up his hands. It's taking a looooooooooooooooong time - yes it was quite exaggerated the way he said it lmao - to get trucks across the border. Up to 10 hours!

Yup, I've seen video of it on the news.  Miles and miles of trucks backed up in a line waiting to get across the border.  Thank Democrats for dragging their asses and finally admitting that there is, indeed, a crisis at the border. DUHHHHHH - how much intel do you need and actual footage of what's going on before you come to the same conclusion everyone else is? They're diverting resources to capturing illegals.  Ports are under-manned and it shows it.

But for me? That's a very good thing.  One of our trucks was leaving the yard when I was pulling in. Like wow! He had to wait all day long for that trailer to show up.  That was enough for me.  I called my manager.  Hotel please, thanks.

I'm back at the Marriott Residence Inn. This is not a room, it's a luxury apartment as far as I'm concerned. This one has 2, separate, master bedrooms, each with it's own bathroom, a living room, a dining area and a fully equipped kitchen. I'm thoroughly enjoying this, even if alone in this giant place.

So, a lady came over to the other house today to talk to Maria about renting out one of the rooms.  Long story short: no thanks.  Bipolar, Turrets, multiple personalities, a long list. How did Maria know this? Because this lady's counselor brought the lady there.  It's a Rene on steriods situation.  As much as I need to get that room rented, I don't need to subject everyone there to another nightmarish situation with a person that literally doesn't have all their marbles together.  I'm not trying to disparage this lady at all, but living with a person like that?  Uhh, no.  We just went through Rene, I would hate to subject them to another person like that.

It's been a tough sell this time around trying to get the room rented.  There is a guy that says he'll stop by on Thursday.  But I think I'm going to delete all my ads and put fresh ones up, replete with new pics that Maria sent me today.

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