Friday, April 26, 2019

Wednesday morning.
A much needed 2 days off has expired. I now "get" to go to Cheniere. The only nice thing about it is I will be back tomorrow. The bad thing about that is I won't be back here.  But I've already decided on one of two hotels to stay at, one in this town the other over where the truck yard at work is.  That one over there has a decent Super 8 - not the greatest in the world but far from the worst - right down the road from the yard.  A Kroger's and a restaurant directly across the street, cheap enough, it's probably what I'll opt to do, leaving the dogs at the other house and just won't bother going back to this town.

Unless, of course, I don't have a run coming on Friday.  Then that plan may change.  I'm definitely not looking forward to wasting my time at Cheniere. It's a near worthless run, it makes you stay out very late to get the product delivered and I just don't understand why this company can't force them to pay more for a run that simply doesn't pay that much.  Our time should be worth the same as our time anywhere else.  The only way this run can pay out anything is if there is extensive detention pay time going, which has happened, but far and few between.


That run is over with.  Of course, they played games down there and kept me far longer than necessary which ate up my 14 hour clock and didn't make it home last night.  Didn't matter, tho. I slept quite soundly in that truck, for 7 hours straight.  That's very good for me.  Not to mention I"m "out of a home" until Sunday I think.  It's very odd that all of a sudden, we have slowed down at work yet once again.  To the point that another driver came back from going on-call because - we were busy.

I dunno what's going on, but my "awesome" paycheck is going to be a pile of rubble tomorrow. I checked it online today, about $1,300 less than what i was expecting. And of course, after a lot of emails, I was shorted yet once again. The disturbing part about these deals where they short my pay? They will never catch their mistakes.  If I don't catch it, I just lose it forever.


Friday morning. Stayed at La Quinta so I could have my dogs with me. Likely will stay somewhere  cheaper tonight and leave the dogs at the other house to save on expenses.  But, the dogs liked it and I enjoyed their company.  La Quinta is a more expensive hotel - but - they likely have higher expenses. This is truly the "Dog Hotel".  Cleanup of a room is likely more involved with getting out dog hair and any dirt that a dog might track in.  So I don't really blame them.  I was going to stay at Motel 6 across the street, but when I showed up at the front desk, they informed me no dogs over 40 pounds. That eliminated both of my doggies from the mix.  Rather rude clerk at the desk anyway.

Tonight? I won't have the doggies with me. I'm leaving them over at the other house. And depending on what is going to happen tomorrow work wise, I may just stay in the truck overnight.  My manager hasn't responded to my text asking when/where I'm going next.  I'd prefer a shorter run, no more than 3 days out if possible.  Just trying to get the negativity of being in the driver's seat of a truck all the time out of my brain. Note that being in the sleeper - sleeping - really has none of that associated with it.

I'm still at the hotel - the doggies went out and did their thing earlier and now lying contently on one of the beds.  I assume la Quinta expects that to happen, I dunno, but the bed covers are all white, meaning they probably bleach them pretty good on every wash.  So, I'm not concerned about that at all.  What I did find out, however, is that I can go through my company and get corporate rates for a hotel and then just have them deduct it from my paycheck.  This hotel would have cost about $35 less if I had gone that route.  Now I know.  Very good to know for the future in case this happens again. They have great accounts at higher end hotels for prices you would expect to pay a lower end hotel for.

Anyway, what to do today?  I just filled out a loan application to pay off the Care Credit loan - and not have all the interest I would have incurred the entire previous year before it, added back to the account.  That would be a waste.  I'm guessing they would add at least hundreds of dollars back into it. That was this morning's offerings, now I'm considering going back to the house and cleaning out my SUV.  It needs a good vacuuming and treat the interior with some of the plastic/vinyl guard stuff. Or, just go hang out.  My boat dreams? I've found a couple of decent looking boats, the type I've been looking for in an excellent price range.


Now then, the end of Friday.  Spent half the day over with maria, the cool neighbors came over and we hung out for quite a while. After that, I really didn't feel like going back to the house so I came for my hotel.  This one quite a bit cheaper - but far from free. I don't go out on the road again until Sunday morning, unfortunately.  That's basically me being home the entire time her dad has been here.  Running up a bill. I think tomorrow night I may just go and spend the night in the yard in the truck. It's not that bad and it will be free.

Beyond that, I'm going down to Brownsville so not that long of a trip, either.

And now even more hours later, after an elongated series of texts with a "senior" driver - who texted me out of the blue and started in on the whole deal going on there.  It's been obvious there has been favoritism going on between the manager and certain drivers.  But it's far more obvious to those that live in their trucks nad spend a lot of time in the yard.  They see what's going on. Such as a driver that just got in tonight, dropped a trailer and immediately hooked up to another trailer. 

Meanwhile, this driver I was talking to has been sitting in the yard 3 full days. And seeing firsthand - for a long time - what's been going on. He's been there 15 years and ready to quit.  You know, you get enough long term drivers quitting and perhaps upper management might eventually see a pattern? Or turn a blind eye? who knows.

I'm wishing my doggies were with me right now tho.  But it's $15 per dog to have them in here. I won't lie, I'd love to go get Adler. He was just staring at me over the fence when I was sitting there visiting with people out front at the other house today. I had him out front laying down next to me for quite a while, but I was going to leave so put him in the back yard. Then the neighbors showed up and I stuck around chatting for quite a while with them.  I mean, the alternative was going to sit in a hotel alone, I'd rather socialize for a while. 

Taylor texted me earlier about going to a catfish restaurant that is popular here - but I was finally settled in here at the hotel and I am not  a big catfish fan. She's having a blast with her dad. That's what counts to me, cause right now? I could really be in love sitting in my office chair in my bedroom watching my 65 inch screen tv and all the other amenities I've dressed my room up with : ) 

Well enough for one post.

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