Monday, April 29, 2019

Ugh. Got in here around 9:30 - Brownsville that is - but waited for a loooong time for a hotel room.  In fact, I simply contacted my manager after almost an hour and a half and said don't worry about it, I'll just sleep in the truck tonight.  Well obviously she fell asleep on me - I had awakened her to ask about a room - because she said "I'm still waiting" and then 60 seconds later, there was a CLC for a room at the Marriott Residence Inn. She could have just admitted she fell back asleep without doing anything about it. 

Whatever the case, I didn't get a shower yesterday because I spent the night at the yard in the truck, so that's pretty much the reason I wanted a room beyond just having a nice place to stay.  Regardless, I didn't get to sleep until after 1:00 am - which is pretty much making today? toast.  But, I took a nice, long hot shower earlier, had some Canadian bacon for breakfast (yes, they were actually serving that here!) and now just relaxing in the room.  I won't be heading back to the yard until checkout time here, there is no good reason to because of the time it's taking for them to get trailers over here.  Especially after Sunday - when this commercial port is closed. 

Politics with the election next year is both entertaining and saddening at the same time. I now find myself in a position to ensure that I am voting against socialism. Not that the current crowd of Democrats is anything I would vote for. Biden - racist, groping pig.  Sanders - hypocritical socialist that has a huge net worth.  Will he redistribute his own wealth for the common good? I didn't think so.  Harris, Booker Warren and all the rest of them are nutcases with no qualifications to fill the position, Beto being the worst.  He's "cool man", so vote for him! With absolutely no policy platform listed anywhere of his own? No thanks.

Biden, according to the polls, is at the top of their heap. I mean, a dude with his background and all the ugliness they are unearthing about him? 50 years of politics, there's bound to be a whole lot more.  They have already dug up all of Trump's alleged garbage, exposed it for the world to see a billion times over and then some, there is nothing new to see there. But Biden? Lol, the game has just begun.  The pacs are likely already digging through his history.  Some news story proclaimed his records were sealed somewhere and wouldn't be available until I guess near or after the election.

Who cares? All of it is on public record - ie: the news media.  If there's dirt, they'll find it eventually.  I'd love to see them find a secret taping of him saying something ridiculous in private, without his knowledge, and then leak it out to the world like they did with Trump and the "pussy grabbing". Every politician has skeletons in the closet, just have to find them. 

And then there's Barr, whom democrats tried to accuse of with holding info.  Except he stated all along he would release a redacted version of the report - just like they do with every single other report from the government that has info in it that would jeopardize lives or otherwise compromise an investigation if it's leaked out.  This isn't anything different than has been going on for decades.  But let the real investigations begin!  FISA court compromised with false information and ommitting pertinent info - you know, like Hillary paying for Fusion GPS to hire Steele, a British spy who hates Trump, to write up a bunch of reports making it appear as if he was in collusion with the Russians? Reports that are either uncorroborated even to this day or have been found false?  Lol, the stuff we are supposed to wholly swallow and believe coming out from the democrat leaders and others in the party with big mouths and a lot of air time...

But I've watched so much coverage that I'm currently burnt out on it.  Like, a few minutes of news and that's about it.  I might read it online, but the news outlets on TV get into ridiculous, heated arguments with each other, interrupting each other, cutting each other off, even making outrageous hand gestures. 

Well whatever.  My loan hasn't come through yet, tho no big hurry, it's all going to pay off the credit card debt.  Just need it before the due date and the interest adding date.  I'm still half-heartedly looking for a boat - probably not the best idea on earth, but I'm tired of sitting at home doing nothing and there isn't a lot to do in my region without having land, or ATV's or - a boat.  At least in AZ I could take off to the mountains, had a place to shack up in, plenty of hiking and now, if I were living there, I could have ATV's to ride on the endless trails through the woods. 

There were some disadvantages of moving out of AZ, that was one of them.  My mother wanted the trailer off her property, so I got rid of it.  I don't blame her tho, I wasn't going there and those things need somewhat regular maintenance even if you aren't using them. You get a rain water leak in there and let it go? It will eventually trash the interior of the trailer.  I miss the mountains tho, that's all I'm saying. But at least east Texas is filled with pine trees/forest type scenarios. 

I've been out of my bedroom for 5 days now I think? I'll be ready to spend some quality time in there with my dogs when I get home. But...I'm still looking for that deal on a boat.  I did let one slip through my fingers - it was $2,500 for a nice looking deck boat with a nice sized engine in it for both fishing and cruising along for the fun of it.  But, my work schedule gets in the way of a lot of things.  I'd really like to spend another night here in town and get that detention pay, as work has allegedly slowed down again - tho not for certain drivers - and I might as well get what I can here.  The reality is there will probably be a trailer there this afternoon and I'll have to take it.  Then come home and sit for another 2 days?

Gag.  Well, whatever the case, my time at the hotel is winding down.  I stayed up way too late last night and I think I'll nap in the nice bed for another little bit before leaving. 

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