Thursday, May 2, 2019

Well then.  Thursday morning. Cheniere on the horizon again or today - but the one down near Corpus Christi. More miles at least.  I haven't been to that facility since the last time when their tanks were at capacity and we had to sit there for hours to get permission to over fill them.  That was sometime mid last year.

And...last night.  I finally caved!  I'm not going to feel bad about it, either. I had 2 very large slices of Supreme pizza, a large McDonald's fries, Taylor's half a box of the fries she didn't want and 2 large chocolate chip cookies.  I mean, I had a sugar high like crazy but I went to bed before the crash so I never experienced that. What I did experience starting at 1:00 am was a wild lightning-thunder storm that was making so much racket I doubt too many people in this area slept through all of that noise. 

And it's still  going on now.  I'm wondering if the loading plant is even opened.  They shut it down when there's lightning.  For good reason, too.....but I haven't received any notices yet about it.  Just haven't seen a lightning show going on this long for quite some time now.  I mean, it's constant lol

And good for my new grass plugs.  They are finally putting out some green blades of grass.  When they arrived, they were all brown, looked dead to me.  But I went through the trouble of planting them and walaah.  How long will it take to spread to the entire yard? Years I'm guessing. But that isn't my plan. I want to see if they are going to take over even the portion of yard they are in before I spend any more money on that. 

In fact, I'm not really looking to spend any money on extras right now at all.  Except the boat.  That is in my savings account, something I've been saving for quite a while for.  I've given up on land for the time being.  That's a long term savings goal. They want too much money down at 20% and unless I want to take less acreage - which I haven't succumbed to yet - I'm just going to have to keep saving for that one.  I don't just want land, either, I want either a house already on it or a loan that will pay for a house to be built on it as well.  I can get land with a house on it already, but that's still 10% down and at 250k plus, it's still at least 25k down.  Further, I want land that I can split and start on a small mobile home or RV trailer park.  In my view, the land needs to be able to pay for itself.  Cattle could also pay for the land, but that costs a lot of down money investment as well in actually buying the cows and the bull and the equipment you need to maintain them. 

Towards all of this end, I'm hoping to take some of my savings and start investing in the stock market.  I just haven't take the step yet to actually give the go ahead on any particular stock, tho I have located some investment sites that allegedly have a solid reputation for gains in their predictions of stock to buy.

Well, I think Taylor may be regretting the decision to allow the lady and her 2 very young girls in here.  The youngest one screams as much as her youngest boy - something she literally cannot stand.  Plus, the living room is being occupied by the lady to sleep in - which throws off James activity of watching TV and relaxing after the the boys go to bed and Taylor goes to sleep as well - she goes to bed early.  More mouths to feed as well.  I bought enough pizza yesterday for everyone, including all 4 kids, but that's got to be a strain as well.  This house would have to have a 4th bedroom to really make this work out well.  I have a room to disappear into when it gets to be too much : )  The kids all like me and all, but I only have enough energy to put up with that for so long and then? I just quietly disappear lmao.

In fact, the oldest girl absolutely adores Adler.  Adler was out of sorts when I got him the other night. I've been gone too long and about to leave again. At least this time it's only out overnight.  Even if something happens at the plant down there, it shouldn't force it into a 2cd night/3rd day. 

Speaking of that, the other house is back to paying for itself again.  I dunno how long that's going to last, but now that Rene is gone, there isn't a dictator over there getting cranky with everyone, blowing up people's phones with drunken texts and acting like she owns the place, telling everyone what they can and cannot do.  Absolutely ridiculous.  I don't think Maria will ever not tell me about what's going on over there again with tenants. I know nothing about the newest young lady, she doesn't spend much time there but she did send me rent last night so that was nice.  In fact, the only rent left is Maria's, she gets that on the 3rd of the month I believe. 

Well, it's almost time to leave.  Gotta get my food ready - lol I may have cheated once, that doesn't mean I'm giving up on Keto.  Gotta stick with it! 

The situation in Venezuela is fascinating.  Albeit, brutal, sad and unacceptable, but still quite engaging.  Because of the players.  Cuba, Russia and China. It appears to me that Venezuela - Maduro specifically - is a puppet for Putin.  I mean it's late and I'm not going into all of that here, but if you are following the news, you can see the volatility of the situation and the potential for a bloody war. A coup attempt is already underway, I'm just following this stuff as the news comes out about it.  Lots of video.  I see the citizens of that nation having nothing to lose in backing a coup attempt.

Now then.  I could have stayed at the Marriott again last night - the information that a trailer was coming last night late? Was erroneous.  I stayed up until around 10:00 pm - well after the stated time for the truck to bring the trailer into the yard down there. I could have asked for a hotel at that late hour - I can do that at 3:00 am if I want to, but I decided to just go to sleep in the truck. I kind of regretted that this morning after sitting there waiting until 11:00 am for the truck to finally arrive. I could have had a nice, hot breakfast and a shower.

Well I finally found the info on Care Credit.  Took a while. If I don't pay that off before May 28, they will take another $1,300 in interest back on to the account. That's a lot of money! I paid off the big amount today and will finish the other one when it comes due.  Just fortifies my decision to take out a low interest loan versus letting them tack all that interest back onto the account.  And I've done it early so in case they do - something - to not apply it, I will have time to contest it.

As for today, I have very little motivation to do anything. I've been out of my room for many days and out of the house even longer, with only a couple of visits that were short in nature.

Whatever the case, I'm watching the Barr testimony - current on lunch break - with fascination.  Democrats are vapidly attempting to find something, anything, to back Barr into a corner.  Some  Democrat senators took some snipes at him - but I expect that anymore. They don't know how to be civil, they just know that he must be hiding something and therefore, they can take whatever jabs they want to because the end justifies the means and they are on the "moral high road".

I'm not sure how much longer it's going to go on for, but I intend to watch all of it.  Mostly because I intend to do nothing else.  Besides eat lunch lol.

I have no idea when I'll be sent out again, is the basis for my not wanting to do anything. If it's tomorrow, a full day to sit around and do nothing seems warranted.  Still looking at boats, I would go get one today if I thought there was anything worth going and looking at.  But the nearest one that looks appealing is 95 miles away, driving that far is definitely not on any agenda I have.  I'm waiting for something to pop up within 40 miles give or take.

Interesting day. Up early - 4:00, jolted out of deep sleep by the ridiculous phone alarm - annoying as all get out but that's the inten...