Saturday, May 4, 2019

Today was messed up.
After leaving Cheniere, I went to Walmart to park for the  night - I had very little time left on the 14 hour clock, Walmart is down the road and this one actually has truck parking next to it.  Anyway, getting up this morning, I walked over to the IHOP, in light rain, walking back, heavier rain. After I left there, I was still in medium rain. At the Love's travel center in Sinton? I pulled in a fuel isle, got out, got my cards into the reader and then?  The wind started howling. I mean, in a matter of seconds it went from almost nothing to winds that were forcing me to push against it.

Well, that wasn't the bad part.  Because, then, it started pouring rain. Because of the wind, it was coming straight at me, underneath the canopy.  I was soaking wet in a matter of 60 seconds.  Water pouring into the fuel tanks as well while fueling it. I had no choice, the truck was near empty.  Nearest "authorized" fuel stop after that 100 miles away.  It just wasn't pleasant.  I finished fueling, and took my time strolling into the store in the pouring rain since I was already soaking wet.  No point in rushing myself in there.  Leaving the store, the employees standing at the door, holding it open for people rushing in said "good luck".

I'm already soaked. I walked normally back to the truck, rain pouring out of the sky and ignoring it at that point

It's other drivers that irritate me in the rain.  The block the highway going 25 mph below the speed limit and won't move out of the way.  GET YOUR ASS OVER TO THE RIGHT LANE AND GET OUT OF MY WAY.  Thank you.  Appreciate it.

Well, I got back to the other house to get my doggies and sat around with a lot of people hanging out there - room mates and neighbors. pretty cool, actually. But then I got the text that I am going out again tomorrow.  Okay!  I'm going to Brownsville tomorrow and then? Back to Corpus Christie the next day.  I've got the hours on the clock, I think, to do all of that. Or if not? Well who knows what is going to happen. A delay at the border would cancel the Corpus Christie load and it wouldn't bother me at all.  But whatever.  I need the money, I'll get busy when it's available.


Saturday morning.  Thunder just shook the house.  I mean, that's how close it was.  It's 4:00 so I had to get up anyway, tho I most certainly didn't want to.  Went to bed too late last night and will pay for it today, driving all day long down to Brownsville. I absolutely hate the first load time, I hate when I get it and always hope I get at least second load. Second load is another hour's worth of sleep.

James was already up - something lodged in his eye bothering him all night long to the point he couldn't sleep. 

Well, off to the races.  I'll just have to take a nap later on when I'm 6 hours on the clock at least. 

Decatur, Alabama. Got there last night - decided I didn't have enough hours to offload - about an hour and 15 minutes on the clock, tak...