Friday, May 10, 2019

I finally get the loaded trailer back to the yard.  A 3 day trip that should have been 2.  My 70 hour clock is run down to 3 hours.  That isn't enough time to do much of anything but perhaps get loaded at the plant - if nothing happens. My manager texts me after I leave the yard - don't make any plans.  I have work that needs to be done.

I texted back: I only have 3 hours left on the 70 hour clock. She replies that I'm picking up 9.57 hours at midnight.  Great, that's 12 whole hours! With loading, I spend more than that getting down to Brownsville!  And then she says I'm picking up 7.55 hours again at midnight 2 nights from now. Huh?  And?  I"m due for a 34 hour reset.  I have  plans, namely, to go look at a boat tomorrow.  It's here, in town, it's a great price, the upholstery and carpet have all been redone o the motor works fine. That's the big sticking point with any used boat.  Strong motor or not?  But a 150 horse motor! On a pontoon boat! Yes!  Oh well. If I'm on the road, I'm not going to be happy because it's almost guaranteed I'll have to do a 34 hour reset out there, on the road. Yes, they pay for a hotel while doing it, but I don't want to be in a hotel, I want to be home.  Well sort of want to be home - this other entire family is still here.

Thank God they weren't here when I got here at least. 


Friday - early - morning. Slept like a log.  I mean i really had a good night's sleep without waking up all night long.  I actually feel good lol.  But, I'm still a bit cranky about having to go up to Oklahoma today. 5 runs in a row without a single day off.  I wanted more work, but this much more? Nah, everyone has to have a day off here and there. 

I won't even have a full 14 hour clock to start with today, guaranteeing I won't make it back today.  It is possible, I think, to make it back in on day, especially considering I don't have to load the trailer, tho I do have to go to the plant and get new paperwork on the old load.  And, that load is 3 days old now.  I bet the pressure is going to be high on that trailer this morning.  I blew it off yesterday when I got back, but these are old trailers with old style insulation.

The new trailers have vacuum jackets around them, they keep the product cold much longer.  I dunno but I'm gonna fly that baby up there and they will be getting that product off there post haste, the plant I'm going to has been advised of the situation and willingly taking the product, knowing it's heating up.  When I say heating up, it means it's reached it's boiling point - I believe it's 120- , yes that's 120 below zero boiling point haha. 

Anyway, she put me - she being my manager - on a run that I should have no problem getting back on even with low hours.  It's less than 7 hours up, drop the trailer, pick up another and head straight back.  I usually end up at the casino truck stop in Grant, Oklahoma.  Whether I play blackjack or not really depends on my mood. I never do it if my mood isn't right, I know I won't win. Gambling and playing blackjack has no logical parameters for me, it's all about how I feel lol.  But, there is good food there if nothing else, so I will have a meal tonight - if - I make it that far.  I'm down 2 hours of on-duty time before I even start the day.

Right now? I'm sitting here enjoying a cup of Keurig coffee, a seemingly rare offering these days.  I always manage to find a cup of coffee somewhere, but not Keurig. 

Oh!! That family is moving out weekend!  Yayyyy! And apparently Taylor gave the guy some s*** about not doing anything around the house. Yes, he was there all day long, no, he did nothing to contribute to the household. You know, simple things like doing the dishes? Absolutely nothing.  He wasn't on vacation, he was living here. Albeit temporarily, but for free.  On my dime, actually, since all the extra usage of utilities with 4 more people living here all goes on my account.  I pay the utilities - all of them and satellite and wifi - they pay the mortgage.  I'm not complaining about that, it's not much more than just renting a room from someone else, but this dude. 

Grow up, get a life, stop acting like a freaking child.  Be a good role model for your children, don't pander to them,

Whatever.  I'm getting out of here. Get this day started, get it over with. 

Happy Friday. 

Don't forget Mother's Day coming up!  I already took care of my mom with some nice flowers : )

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...