Sunday, May 12, 2019

Well, that trip is over and done with.  I over slept this morning. I was planning on getting back at 8 am but instead it was after 10.  Not an issue with the company, tho, the trailer isn't getting used until tomorrow.  I'm off for what appears to be 3 days including today.  "My" boat was sold before I had a chance to go look at it. I knew it wouldn't last long. All the upholstery was redone on it and it had a 150 horsepower Johnson engine on it.  It was in good shape. Why they were selling it so cheap, who knows.  There's a couple more in there that look good, but they are too far away.  I don't want to drive 300 miles to get a boat.

There is one in Texarcana, but the upholstery is all torn up on it.  Costs a grand to have it redone. They want too much money for the boat. I got them down a grand but when I found out about the upholstery, no thanks.  I might pay 3 grand for it, but no way am I shelling out $4,500 for the thing.  They've had that one up for sale for over a month now.  Doesn't seem probably they're going to sell it for that much to anyone.

Ahhh. Hours later.  The entire family is back.  The refrigerator isn't working and more importantly, the AC went out.  There was a tornado over there 2 days ago and it did a lot of damage.  It's whatever to me, I'm cranking music tonight. They just got here half an hour ago, shrugs.  We've been cranking out tunes all night long lol.  I'm not doing it to spite them, not at all. I'm just living my life here with the other people here that love to play music.  This family is along for the ride.  I haven't had time off in quite a while, I'm going to enjoy it.


It started at  6:45 am. It's Sunday morning, I started this post yesterday. Kids - screaming and crying.  At 6:45 am.  I haven't had a Sunday off in a long time.  I'm pretty irritated right now.  They could have stopped them from making all that freaking noise, but they didn't.  They were running all over the house on top of that, no respect whatsoever for the people that live here.  The thing is, I was in my sleep mode - that's when I call it when I'm able to actually sleep versus waking up and laying there awake.  I tried to sleep for another 3 hours - on and off  - but I finally gave up on it. 

I'm considering going to a hotel today.  I am not going to sit in this house listening to this unending noise all day long.  Total lack of parental control.  They apologized profusely when I came out a few minutes ago - I must have had a look on my face. The look probably matches how I'm feeling.  Apologize as much as you want, tho, it's not impossible to get kids to stop crying and whining.  Or if they don't send them to their rooms. Pretty simple concept. It sure as gold at the end of a rainbow is possible to keep them from trampling around the house like a herd of cows in a stampede. 

I had plans for today, but I am nixing them. Stuff to do around the house.  Screw all of that.  Maybe tomorrow, but since they'll still be here tomorrow, I won't be able to sleep tomorrow morning, either.  They being that other family with the 2 very young girls. They have their own place now, but the AC quit working and the fridge as well.  They asked to spend a weekend here and so - here they are, on my dime actually since I pay all the utilities and wifi around here. 

I told you I am cranky, lol. 

And now they have left. Apparently they don't need to be here another night - or day.  I don't hate kids, but in this case? Good riddance. 

And I've also been sent a run for tomorrow.  I was hoping to have tomorrow off. She almost never sends me a run after Friday - she hands out all the runs on Friday to cover Saturday, Sunday and Monday. 

Life working all the time? Not such a pretty sight.  This run is going back up to Barnsdall, so at least it's not going to be a long trip.  My goal will be to get up there, swap trailers and get as far back tomorrow as i can, thus allowing myself some time at home on Tuesday.  Because apparently work is still clipping along.

Called mom for Mother's Day, just got off that call.  But I sent her flowers earlier this week and they are apparently still lovely, which was nice.  I wondered if my brothers did anything with her for her special day, but I didn't want to ask.  I figure my oldest brother probably did something, he's fairly good about that - now.  He didn't use to be, not sure what got him motivated to start giving her a little more attention but it's a far cry better than what he did with my dad. 

But I'm not going to get into that.

I'm spending the day petting my dogs, watching tv and doing absolutely nothing else. 

And with that, Happy Mother's Day to any that may happen to read this and have a great day!

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