Wednesday, May 15, 2019

So, after itching and scratching and getting fleas off of me all night last night, both Adler and Aspyn have ingested $150 worth of flea pills to get rid of the damned things!  It's flea season, they're thriving, it just started with them.  Aspyn being the worst - those fleas get under her undercoat? There's no end to the endless scratching and itching.  I mean, pulling out tufts of hair to get at the flea. No, that happened with her yet. In fact, she hadn't even been scratching at all.

But Adler? Biting his flesh all night long and itching and scratching.  I do hope those pills work quickly.  I washed all the bedding in hot water and hopefully not another night of that nonsense.  Whatever. It's $150 well spend, as far as I'm concerned, cause' this only gets worse.  MUCH worse.  You try everything at Tractor Supply and Walmart to get rid of the fleas and guess what? They don't work. Not in this area.  Just nasty stuff.  The dogs got their relief, I'll have mine, over and done with.

I'm finding US and world politics to be particularly entertaining right now. Especially this Iran situation.  Iran says it can destroy our entire fleet out there with a single missile!  HIGHLY  doubtful. And wait until those fighter jets that got off of that carrier before you bombed it get back over to you with their  payload.  They'are talking clean out of their @$$es right now.  They know if they start a war with us, they are going to lose.  We won't need to deploy troops on the ground.  It will all be an air war, we'll take out all their bases and known nuke locations in a matter of a few days and that war will be over. 

And then, we have Dems wanting to put Barr in jail! lmaoooooo  Barr actually went up to Pelosi and asked her if she had her hand cuffs with her!  Lol!  Why is Barr is confident? Because the law is on his side. 

I will project right now that some heads are going to roll, the real Russian Collusion is coming, the people that wanted to take the President down - the anti-Trump FBI, DOJ and all the rest of it - is coming.  I don't know when, I don't care. But it's coming. Barr has his grip on this thing now, the real truth is going to come out and the nation should be shocked when it happens.  The FISA conspiracy will turn into the worst moment in American history.  It won't surprise me if this s*** goes all the way up to Obama.  It's already begun with Comey and Brennan and Clapper going at it.  They're nervous.  They should be.

I'll wait patiently and watch as this all unfolds. If it doesn't take too long, Trump will be vindicated completely before the next election.  I mean, in my view he already has been, but lets get to the nuts and bolts of this situation, get to the bottom of it and get this situation unveiled. Names, who did what, when and the obvious: why.  We  know why.

Back to my little slice of life, a several store hunt for specific bug killing supplies for the other house.  She -  Maria - want diatemacious earth.  Food grade, I found out, because I don't want my dogs around that stuff. Apparently food grade isn't harmful to animals or humans, the other stuff is.

And I "got into it" with my manager again today. She sent me the 3rd run in a row to go to Oklahoma.  It's a low paying trip, no one should have to go there more than twice in a row, I texted her and said fine, I'll do this one but don't send me a 4th one.  I'm not going to go into all of it because it's not worth the time to type all of it.  But, she threatened to "send me somewhere else" to which I informed her it wasn't very professional to threaten your employees with retaliation when they are asking legitimate questions - to which she replied this conversation is over, I"m going to have Tony (whoever the hell that is) take this over. 

It went back and forth, she stopped replying, I will see her tomorrow morning and we can have this conversation in person. 

It's whatever to me.  I'll find another job if I have to, that's the end of that story.  I have an impeccable safety record with this company, that's what matters. They can't use anything against me legitimately, because there's nothing to use.  I get the runs done way faster that most other drivers - which right now counts at least because we have been short on trailers.  I've followed all of their ridiculous rules, if I have a legitimate beef they should be well prepared to hear those grievances and deal with it. Threatening people is outrageous. 

I'm keeping my cool, I can say that. 

So, tomorrow, I "get" to go waste 2 days going on a trip that money-wise counts for one day. 

Whatever the case, my boat search has gone on - and on - and on.  I think I find one and then i read the fine print and say, noooooooo thank you.  25 horsepower motor? no thanks. "Project boat". No thanks.  Doesn't have titles? DEFINITELY NO THANKS. And more.  The titles are for the boat and the trailer.  Oh, I found a pretty good deal today until I got to the part about "bring your own trailer".  No. No. And no.  Boats are sold with the trailers that came with them. If they aren't, the price should reflect that and in every single case I have found? They want full price for the boat.  It's no wonder all of them I have found have been on the market for weeks and months.

I've put this boat search into the same mode I do with cars.  Take as much time as it takes. The only exception was the SUV I'm driving now.  But I know I got a good deal on it and it's in near perfect condition. There are zero dings anyone on the entire body of it.  The paint is perfect.  The interior is very good. Not perfect but very, very good. And I endeavor to keep it that way so I will get a good trade in value. 

Okay. My new grass plugs aren't exactly taking off yet, but there are green blades of grass coming out of them.  For them to die off would mean - well they claim they will replace dead plugs.  I dunno, but the information provided says it takes awhile for them to get going. It's been a few weeks?  The winter rye grass is still alive and looks like green velvet.  I hate that that stuff dies out in summer.  If it would live year round? The easiest, cheapest, most beautiful grass you need. But, the extreme heat is coming and it will definitely die.  It doesn't regrow the next cold season, either, you have to buy more seed and replant all over again.  Ugh. 

Oh! Can y'all tell me what democrats platform is? Beto getting a haircut?  Corey wanting us to become vegans?  Bernie - the rich dude that wants to redistribute wealth - except his own of course?You know, Marxism revisited?  LOL

Have a good evening. 

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