Thursday, May 23, 2019

Well, stuck in Brownsville. How long, I don't know. I figured it a good sign yesterday when I saw 3 of our trucks heading up from here - and only an hour and a half away.  I thought - no way is there any trailers down there now with that many just freshly removed from their yard.  I was right, fortunately, so now I get to sit on the detention clock.  At a hotel, but of my own purchase.  They changed their deal down here, you only get a hotel if you stay a second night.  I wasn't feeling too good - 2 hours sleep and still getting over this bug - so I decided to take a stay at the America's Best Value Inn.

It's actually a decent hotel for the money. I've stayed here before on my own dime. But now, they've changed out all the bathroom fixtures from old rusty junk to new, modern looking outlets and valve handles. They replaced the entire bath tub/stall and the toilet.  The furniture in this room has degraded a bit - people obviously dumping food (or whatever) onto the couch and the chairs. That all needs a good shampooing.  But, everything else was great and I slept very nicely.

It's still early tho, I had thought about heading over to the yard and seeing if they know when/if a trailer is coming in. The dude usually has a pretty good ball park estimate.  Not always, but usually close.  The border situation hasn't gotten any better, so trucks are stuck in line for up to 10 hours at a time.

Meanwhile, the national tragedy that is known as the House of Representatives continues on with this ridiculous nonsense of seeking to find some criminal wrong doing with Trump so they can get rid of him. They aren't doing their duly elected jobs.  There have been 4 investigations now, FOUR of them, into Trump and whether he colluded with the Russians - all of them have resoundingly stated no, he did not.  Anything Trump says or does, the left calls him engaging in an act of obstruction now.  It's mind bogglingly outrageous. Thankfully, we have an AG named Barr who is going to get to the bottom of who/what/where/why this all started and I can predict it will go very high into the Obama administration.

Taylor - has been out of sorts ever since the uncle left.  I think she is seriously thinking about moving to Missouri.  I don't know what to think about that.  This is her favorite uncle and he's inviting her up there.  I think I'm just baggage that will probably need to go away and find something/somewhere else if that occurs.  Like go live on a beach or find a place in the mountains.  I just don't think I'd fit in in with that guy.  We didn't exactly clash at first, but I could tell there would be some tension.  Who knows? Would be a rather awkward move, I think.  It isn't anything on the near horizon - yet.   But, when Taylor gets something in to her mind, it is likely going to happen.  I'm just wait this out and see what happens.  The uncle invited her to come up and spend a few days visiting up there. If she does that, I'm 100% certain she'll come back wanting to move.  Just another bridge to cross in the game of life...would I move up there or just find something else to do?

Interesting day. Up early - 4:00, jolted out of deep sleep by the ridiculous phone alarm - annoying as all get out but that's the inten...