Friday, May 24, 2019

So, the recent storm in Oklahoma shut down the plant - the entire town actually.  Highway 11 was flooded, no one was passing through there and the town's electric went out.  Like the entire town. Not that the place is that big, but still.  The plant uses copious amounts of electricity to run and I haven't seen any generators on the property.

So at least for this weekend there are no runs going up there.  To further exacerbate the situation, the plant in Mexico - the Brownsville run - is also shut down.  Something - major - in the plant is broken.  Well, there goes the weekend.  I just checked the schedule, there will only be 3 runs going out this weekend because of all of this.  Actually this is only Thurssday, so I don't expect to see another run until at earliest Tuesday. That's my guess anyway, since I just got into the yard yesterday and there were 8 trucks sitting there.  Meaning all those trucks have to go out on runs before I will get anything. 

I'll know after today what if anything is going to come my way for the weekend.  If it's a 3 day weekend - at least - well, Monday is Memorial Day and so, a holiday off.  Or, if I'm working on Monday, I get paid a nice little extra bonus.  It would be nice to have 3 days off - but not 3 unpaid days off lol.

I've grown rather frustrated with the boat search.  The only ones available in the price range I'm looking at  are hundreds of miles away.  Anything local either has too small of a motor on it or the furniture is in need of being redone and the carpet.  Why would a manufacturer of a large boat put a 25 horsepower motor on it?  That's barely enough to make the thing move.  125 horsepower or higher is better. I saw one with a 90 horse on it, but it was 300 plus miles away.  Just not worth driving that far and then potentially seeing it isn't what you expected and have wasted a good deal of time driving for nothing. 

I'm teetering on the verge of getting a couple more 4 wheelers and calling my boat search over with.  Or, not getting a pontoon boat and get a fishing/skiing combo.  They aren't as big and won't hold near as many people, but certainly would be fun. They are cheaper than pontoons as well.  At least the older versions of the same year range as a pontoon boat.  There's a couple of boats I let slip that I now regret. But, I wasn't serious about buying one at the time. The one with a 350 chevy engine that was 24 feet long and could do 65mph on the lake - that one I should have bought. 

Any good ones locally are 8 grand and higher. Just not going to spend that much money on a boat right now.  I mean, I could go into payments and such, just don't think a toy should be bought on credit. 

Well, I've been invited to have lunch at Chili's today. Can't turn down an offer like that! 

However, I have a list of things to get done on these potential days off, must get to it.

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