Monday, May 27, 2019

4 days off, this being the 4th. Tho tomorrow is only a preload, then get up really early the next morning to drive down to Houston.  And then probably another day off at least unless these plants have reopened.  Don't really know. 

I blew the diet - preplanned - today and will resume with much more intensity tomorrow and going on for the next month or so until i can shed the rest of this fat and weight and be done with it at least temporarily.  If I can get down to 185, that's when I will switch to a low calorie diet, but not necessarily low carb.  In fact, likely not low carb.  Just not high sugar content. 

But, today? I just ate a pint of Ben and Jerry's chocolate something or another, it's chocolate plus chocolate lol.  I'm eating a baked potato for dinner with some pasta and that will be my cheating. Second time in - 2 or 3 weeks now?  Real ice cream - tho I should have gone to Dairy Queen and had a Blizzard, too late now, that was quite a bit of sugar I just consumed, I don't really want to do anymore.  The potatoes are just high carbs as well as pasta.  I'll be out of Ketosis for at least days, maybe a week or more.  So,, along with going ultra low carb after today, I'll also keep calorie intake down to around 1,200 per day. 

I actually can't wait for the baked potato : )  Load it up with sour cream, cheese, chives and maybe some bacon bits. 

Tomorrow, I will eat nothing but cream cheese, which will help kick start getting back into ketosis. 

As much as I didn't want to do anything today, the flowers we bought a few days ago couldn't wait. They dry out too easily in those little containers, they needed to be planted.  So, got that done as well as more cleaning out back.  The next chore and final for me today if I even get it done is to bath both dogs.  THAT is a CHORE.  A Great Dane that hates getting bathed - I will be soaking wet by the time it's done.  He'll sit there and keep shaking it all off and of course, all that water goes flying everywhere.  I'm debating it.  Really would be nice to end all of this activity around here and get some free time.

I finally found a boat! It was local and everything! Until I saw the size of the motor.  25 horsepower for a 20 foot pontoon boat? So go maybe 15mph with it loaded with people? BOOORRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGG.  If motors didn't cost so much I'd just buy one of those local boats and switch out motors . I saw a 150 hp motor going for 2 grand lol.  No thanks. 

Well, I'd like to find a good war movie for Memorial Day today, but, for some reason? there aren't many on.  Didn't used to be that way, Memorial Day was one of the days where they'd load up the channels with all kinds of oldies but really goodies. 

Happy Independence Day to everyone! Beautiful day in northeast Texas. Well, it's hot and humid but oh well lol. Good day to re-read th...