Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Somewhere around 300 carbs consumed today, lolol.  That's 15 times the amount of carbs allowable on any given day with the keto diet.  Pasta salad, deviled eggs filled with carb filled contents, tortilla chips and dip, a giant baked potato, the pint (or quart? ) of Ben and Jerry's, of which I found out that thing had 4 servings and added up to 100 carbs in and of itself! lmao. In fact, it's probably much more carbs than 300.  A lowball estimate. Doesn't really matter, it kicks you out of ketoss and may take days or even a week to get back into it.

But, I am down as low weight as I have been in - in years.  I might gain a pound or two from this excursion, but probably not that much and not worth worrying about. It was planned, not a cave-in.

I got the giant planter planted, finished cleaning the back patio, brushed Aspyn - and brushed some more- and more - and filled an entire trash can full of her hair. Then I bathed both dogs.

In the middle of washing the dogs, Maria showed up with her deviled eggs and the wonderful pasta salad.  We ate a huge dinner.  Steak is great! But after not having pasta or potatoes for as long as I have gone without it?  I focused on that instead.  A nice long walk in the morning will help burn off some of the carbs.

It's been a very productive 4 days. That's over now.  I don't have to go to work until afternoon tomorrow and I am only preloading a trailer.  But I've done enough work around the house.

Aspyn is, for some reason, terrified of the ceiling fan.  She just sits there, staring at it with her ears held back and a very - bad - look on her face.


Memorial Day shindig over and done with, Tuesday morning.  Actually, the only person extra that showed up was Maria, the other couple stayed home and "slept", but we had a good time anyway.  We tend to be able to have a good time without any outside influences, ie: more people.  Maria fits right in, she has the same type of sense of humor.

I have changed my plans for today as well. My load time isn't until 2:30, meaning I won't be out of the plant until at least 5:00 pm and possibly later.  Hopefully not later tho because I really need to be able to leave around 3:00 am from the yard with the load.  Regardless of how that goes, it seems a waste of time and fuel to drive all the way back here/home, be here for a couple of hours and drive all the way back over there.  Therefore, I'll drop the dogs off over at the other house before I go to the plant and just stay over there today.

The news, lol.  It's getting quite humorous.  It's been humorous.  Barr is expected to do real investigations and dem leaders are freaking out.  I wonder whyyyyyyy?  The left online saying we should just "drop it" and stop these endless investigations. Yup, well the right is just taking after the left, right? No pun intended.  In fact, Nadler is full steam bore onto more investigations, attempting to hold Barr in contempt of court and going after Trump's tax returns.  But we should stop these investigations?  Tell your dem leaders that and then get back to us. 

And the border. Now, the guy that started a GoFundMe for money for a border wall is actually starting the process of building it - on privately owned lands.  The left also took snipes about that one saying the money wouldn't be spent on a wall. Duhhh, is all I have to say about that. That guy would go down in flames if he were to do anything but use it on the wall.  A bunch of money has been refunded from those donations because he didn't come anywhere near a billion dollars, which was the goal and apparently a promise he made, or maybe it's GoFundMe rules? I dunno.  But, a bunch of money was kept because those donors said go ahead and keep it anyway and a single donor came along and give 6 million to make up for the amount that was refunded.  Stay tune for more: who knows what dems will try to do to stop this from happening? How can you stop a wall from being built on private land? And more to the point, why would you care if a person wanted a wall on their private property? 

And thennnnn, the freshly emerged abortion debate. Same old arguments from the left who want women to be able to have abortions into the 3rd trimester? Nope. They've come out with new ones now. Just as lame as the old ones, but give them E for effort.  Apparently abortion is going to be used as a campaign issue by some of the left candidates.  One of the new ones is a man needs to control his sperm.  They go on to say he should somehow stop it?  The argument is utterly ridiculous.  They think that because the sperm violated the woman's uterus, that in and of itself makes abortion viable.  I simply brought up the fact that the lady spread her legs and allowed that guy's penis in there and of course they tried to shoot that down.  It's interesting to see what they keep coming up with if nothing else.

And that's my take on politics.  Excepting for China and tariffs. China is an existential threat to world safety.  If you don't believe China is out for world domination, you aren't watching what's going on or you are listening to your masters of propaganda at CNN and MSNBC, among others, pumping out disinformation.  This isn't just about the 2 economies, it's also about the war chest China is building and the ever increasing in size military complex they are building, including the man-made islands they have been building for years now.  The arguments that Trump tariffs are hurting the US economy fall on deaf ears over here.  This situation has been talked about endlessly for years, if not decades and nothing has been done about it. 

Talk til' you're in your grave, at least Trump is attempting to do something about it.  China isn't our friend. They are a Communist nation that carries off their own people to labor camps with no trial or judge, they kill their own people and they beat them. They encourage neighbors to spy on neighbors and they have been oppressing their own countrymen for hundreds of years.  They want the world, that's a fact.  Don't be deceived by false news stories.  Just look at history, then look at what China is doing to build up their war inventory. 

Well, enough of that, time to be off to work!


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