Thursday, May 30, 2019

2:30 came awfully early.  I had the alarm set at 3:00 am, but I always wake up somewhere in that range every night, just happened that it was half an hour before the alarm.  I'm not much of a night driver anymore.  I really hate it.  Especially if I'm not fully rested and doing that nonsense early in the morning.  That trip should have taken less than 4 hours, it took 5, cause' Houston isn't exactly the fastest place to drive in during rush hour.  I got that truck unloaded, drove 100 miles back, pulled into a truck stop and went to sleep.


That was yesterday.  Got that all done and then heard about work on "Sunday".  I bit my tongue about referencing the fact that it was Wednesday. Sunday is 4 days off.  The point being the really good runs are on Sunday. There are  a few good ones before then, but the yard is full of trucks, it seems likely the way she was talking that I won't be working again until Sunday.  3 more days off, having just finished a run that is rather worthless and will be the only thing on my next paycheck.  And looking at the other company that is taking a lot of the loads that used to be solely ours......

Annnnnnnddddddd....she is still bringing in drivers from other divisions??!!! To do what? Sit in the yard and not work?  These OTR drivers should be getting shipped to the hot markets where they are complaining they don't have enough drivers to cover the loads.  Not to a yard where there aren't enough loads to keep the drivers busy.

Well, I have 100 hours of paid leave time left.  I dunno if/when they expire, I need to find that out.  I'm going to use some of it up for this upcoming trip in July - if we go.  I mean, it's all set and things, but stuff happens.

I've been looking at trips to various places around the world, I found a few that look intriguing.  I also found a couple of cruises that look inviting.  I keep putting such things off because work keeps slowing down and i don't want to get caught in a financial bind. 

Meanwhile, maria declared she can't afford to live at that house anymore.  Okayyyyy......she has an offer to move to Minnesota and take care of an old friend's kids - the mother has leukemia I think she said.  I wasn't going to try to convince her in any direction. That's a decision she needs to make on her own, but if she wants to move, that's okay by me.  My dogs will survive at home, they'll just be like other doggies that are outside all day long. 

But, I asked  her what she was lacking?  She doesn't like asking for stuff, I get that, so I haven't really pushed her on that.  But she started talking about having to eat Ramen noodles and other basic necessities that she has to do without.  I mean, really.  I'll always help people with food.  If I had known I would have been doing something about that long ago.  We have 2 freezers full of meat, she is welcomed to some of it.  You have not because you don't ask........  Well, she has to get that room rented out again. The lady that moved in moved back out. She wanted to party all the time - even tho she was informed it's not a party house before she moved in.

That's a "whatever" thing. She paid the rent for the month. I need that room re-rented, tho, before the end of this month, which is almost here.  She was a bit surprised when I told her how much an empty room costs me.  It's not free, lol.  I explained to her the whole reason we got into that house, she already knew most of that info but apparently needed a refresher.  We need all 3 rooms rented out to be able to pay for it.  Well, you aren't really covering everything with 3 people in here at the rate you are getting. Nope, but it's not much and I don't mind for the exchange of watching my dogs, that's what the whole premise of this situation started as in the first place. I go on the road, Rene would watch my dogs.

But note, that Rene wanted to watch my dogs. It wasn't a chore for her.  So, Maria wants to stay, but at the same time probably needs to get a little less picky about who moves in.  Yes, we don't need nutcases but on the same there isn't anyone on the planet that don't have their little quirks.  Anyway, she said she actually wants to stay. She's made numerous friends in the neighborhood and is getting nicely settled in.  I hope this can continue to work out, but I won't be devastated if it doesn't. 

As for today, I am babysitting a sick little boy.  He isn't really that sick tho, it just started yesterday and the day care says they won't take him back for 24 hours.  I volunteered since I'm home - he's pretty easy to watch once parents are gone.  It's when parents are home he turns into the crying machine.  I dunno, but I got him cereal and juice, he's all happy lol.  Well, he's running around full of energy, so I really don't think he's sick anymore, which is a good thing because I am going to Walmart today and I may go to Kroger's and buy maria some hamburger meat that is on sale. 

Well, wish me luck. I'm off to Walmart with a 2 year old in tow, lol. 

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