Saturday, June 1, 2019

I got to the yard 3 hours early, my manager didn't even ask for that, but she called me 10 minutes after I got there: they're ready for you. Great! I'll get this over with early and spend quality time at home.  I mean, these people are my family and they consider me their family.  That's where we're at.  Of course I stopped at Waffle House on the way to work.

And there, I got into yet another Keto diet conversation. I sat at the "bar" as I always do so I will get served faster and get out of there faster. This lady sitting next to me said something about her fat belly after I said I to the waitress I didn't want bread or hash browns.  Well, it isn't I don't want them, I just can't have them.  So I brought up low carb diet option to get rid of it. The dude sitting on the other side of me chimed right in, yea, the Keto diet!  

This led to a 20 minute conversation with this lady about this diet.  Very restrictive, very results driven.  I can't do without my fruits!  Well, you don't have to do without them forever, go on the diet for 3 months and you'll likely lose whatever you want!  It's just interesting how much interest this diet sparks - it's really spreading like wildfire.  America doesn't have to be fat and there is an alternative to make it happen without even having to exercise.  

Anyway, I get to the plant and they don''t ... have...enough...product... to load the truck.  "We're making more right now".  I'm thinking, why did you call me in here? But it was only 30 minutes and the system automatically started pumping fluid into the trailer. I've come to understand that this plant is highly automated. There are valves that have to be opened by hand, but once that's done, the system takes over.  

Anyway, got that done, back to the yard, out of there, to the Petco.  I found out today that Walmart is getting rid of their fish sales nationwide - I called the store and they told me that and that they were sold out of their remaining fish. Well I'm not going to Petco anymore without calling them first.  They sell out on Koi fish quickly after they get them in. It's a void in this region that needs to be fixed.  People want Koi, Koi aren't available.  I visited enough homes in the Phoenix area with a Koi tank set up to sell them on the side.  A 500 gallon tank, order them 200 and more at a time, sell them at a profit. I don't have time for that if work is booming,  but I know someone who has a lot of free time, needs money and could earn a nice tidy profit if the business took off.  

I was going to go back into looking at pricing on large quantities of 2-3 inch Koi and 4-5 inch Koi, but I ended up over at the cop's house next door and visiting for several hours.  He's a huge Trump fan and brought out his 45 acp that is a Trump model semi-auto pistol.  Awesome piece of metal. High quality, only 1,500 of them have ever been made  Can you get me one?  It's a collector's item.  Sure, I'll see if my supplier can get you one.Talked politics and the fact that some freaking thief siphoned gasoline out of my SUV tank overnight and left my tank empty today.

Anyway, the day is done.  I figure to get up at 6:00 am and get out on the road in the truck by 7:30 am.  11 hours is about the time it takes to get there with fuel stop and mandatory 30 minute break.  All the way through Louisiana and Mississippi, over to Birmingham and up to Decatur, Alabama. 

Well, it's been a fun day actually.  I got done so early I didn't expect to have that much time at home.  And Taylor and James took off to Walmart so I spent a couple hours playing around with the boys. Besides going to work, I didn't actually "do" anything today lol.  

Well, off to bed.  I intend on getting up at 6:00 am and getting out of the yard no later than 7:30 am.  

So, these keto strips the Taylor got me have not shown me in any level of ketosis since I started using them.  They're not the same as the ones I normally buy - I told her where they would be found in the pharmacy area of Walmart, but admittedly they are easy to miss. There is a diabetics section there that has a bunch of products all sold in the same colored box. The keto strips just say Ketosis on the side, it's just easy to miss.

Now, I wasn't sure how long it would take to get back into ketosis after that wild cheat day and literally eating hundreds of carbs.  But, I decided to go up and buy the normal strips I get.  Checked this morning and walaah! In the moderate range, which is the range I am usually in.  It's not usually either dark purple or light purple, tho if I go a bit over on the carbs it will dve down into the lighter hue, but that always reverses itself by the next day.  I'm bound and determined to get down to 186 this month - it's June 1st and get the rest of the weight off before we go to the beach. 

Okay, that might be a bit of vanity. I didn't start this diet, tho, for the beach, but now that I'm near my goal weight, I want to push forward and get this over with.  My lowest weight so far was 193.  I jumped up 3 pounds after having that extreme carb day - but never went back over 200 pounds.  I won't have another cheat day until we go to the beach and then, I'll probably do one total cheat day, the other 2 moderate cheat days and see what happens.

I''m also going to do some light working out with weights.  Nothing extreme, just sort of get my muscles back up to looking decent.  I don't need to be a muscle man, at all. Lol,  I'm actually still quite pleased with the amount of success I've had.  I'm even happier that I've talked numerous people into starting the diet.  People I know, acquaintences, people on the internet getting into my inbox - can you help me with this?  I just give them a few general sites that have recipes and plans and also direct them to a few Facebook keto groups.

Tho, those groups have both normal people in them and total trolls, pretty much like any Facebook group.  The group I have been helping manage for a couple of years - it's a political debate group with 15,000 members - I was able to clean up and throw out all of the trolls over a year's worth of time of working on it.  I said that in the group once a while back - that it took a while to get rid of the trolls and what happens?  A troll pops out of the woodwork and starts blasting me about even wanting to get rid of them.  Trolls are only there to disrupt, make fun of people and throw any good conversation into mayhem and chaos. In our group, when a troll comes in as a new member, they stick out like a sore thumb.  Our group isn't perfect, but it's a far cry better than most of them.  It was worth the effort to create a decent atmosphere for debating. Granted the hot topics always get people going - the abortion debate has popped its ugly head back up and of course people go bat shit crazy with emotion when discussing it.

I guess abortion is always a hot topic during any Presidential election.  Trump is launching his 2020 presidential campaign this month, I think this coming week.  That will ignite the maelstrom of  emotional outbursts. This upcoming election is likely to be even more fascinating than the last one.  Because the socialist movement is growing stronger and stronger, plus strong Trump hate from the left leaders and outlets such as CNN hammering down, yet again, on the same old, washed up narratives. CNN ratings are down 26%, you'd think they'd learn.  But it's nothing more than a propaganda machine.  New polls have come out showing a vast majority of Americans - not just Republicans - do not want impeachment proceedings to take place, but left leadership is hot on the trail of a Trump impeachment.

I predict that if they go that route, it's going to go badly for Dem leaders in the coming election.  They want a majority of Americans, including republicans, to go along with it before they start it - Nadler has specifically stated that - they're delusional. After the Mueller report came out and showed no collusion and no obstruction, that was the cue for Dems to let it go.  Instead, they started up new investigations and wanting to subpoena and interview the same people that Mueller has already interviewed.  Mueller himself gave a statement to the press - his bias is  glaringly obvious. He is also a Trump hater and should never have been appointed as special counsel.  Someone with no bias and would do the job without using their own prejudice to guide them was what they should have found.

But, hence, Barr doing his own investigation into the investigators.  Brannon, Clapper, Comey, Page and Strohk should be concerned, IMO, from the way Barr is talking. 

Well, I'm just kicking back and watching the s*** show going on with dems tripping all over themselves renewing outrageous and debunked accusations and key players - especially Brannon and Clapper - obviously nervous, obviously concerned. 

Meanwhile, I've another "split" run.  Today I load, tomorrow I go out with it.  Not a fan. But it shows that we are still not that busy. There were 5 loads going out tomorrow, I got one of them.  There were better runs but I'll take this one better than nothing.  Unfortunately, the schedule up in the office at the plant only goes til Monday and they don't post the new one until after Monday.  So I have no idea what's available next week.  I only know that the 2 major contracts are both fired back up, that should help get us back to normal.  Sort of. 

Ooops. It's the beginning of the month.  Sometimes I forget about credit card payments.  I have them all paid down but I still use some of them for the bonus points.  My capital one card has something like $150 worth.  I haven't tried to use it yet, but I believe you can use it just like cash for purchases.  I'm not going to use it until it has enough money on it to buy something - nice.  That might be years down the road, lol. 

Well, I have to leave early today. My manager wants me there early enough to be able to get to the plant quickly if they call and say we're ahead of schedule, send the next driver early.  I wasn't in that position last time and my manager simply told me that I needed to "be in the area" if it occurs again. Meaning I have to waste my own time sitting around waiting. This isn't a problem with most other drivers because they live in the yard.  So, if that call comes in, they can leave immediately. 

So, Happy Saturday. 

Decatur, Alabama. Got there last night - decided I didn't have enough hours to offload - about an hour and 15 minutes on the clock, tak...