Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Home from that one.
Illinois trip, thought I was going to sit for a day when I got there and they said "park it" at the guard shack. Turns out it was just a "maintenance" deal, but I know these people better than that, it was more likely a break down.  I sat out in the parking lot for and hour and a half - but - it's all detention pay.  I got around 9 hours of detention pay on this trip, not too shabby, the trip itself was a good paying anyway.

But, the strange part of this trip. I made it to my usual truck stop for the first night. It's just south of St. Louis and it's good enough miles.  It will be a 3 day trip regardless.  Well, I got off at the exit, about to make the right turn and see a huge sign saying "road closed ahead".  Gag.  It's like, turn right there, go a 1/4 mile, it ends at another light and then turn right and there you are, at the truck stop.  I didn't bother to try and "traverse" it, if the signs says the road is closed, it's closed.

I looked up another route, just up the road and come back down the highway the truckstop is on, and started to do a long turn to get around an island.  And there I saw it.  Water.  A lot of water.  I mean, the houses on the right side of the right were almost completely submerged in a lake of water.  The house on the right? Up on a hill, so they weren't affected - except they couldn't drive to their houses.  I thought not good news for the truck stop - cause it's directly across the other side.  I went up the road, got off the Interstate and walaah - another "Road Closed Ahead" sign.  I was running out of drive time.

Actually, I was running out of drive and on-duty time. The plant started late and I got out of there late.  But I had no choice, cruise the 27 miles to the Flying J - there was nothing else on the way.  I made it in time to do my 10 minute pretrip and get off the clock to off-duty status. 14 hour day plus the time before that getting up, getting stuff done and getting to the yard to hook the truck up.  But, it all helps when it comes to both the loading and the delivery plant holding me up.  I got back to the house at around 3:00 pm.

Just before I got to the other house to pick up my dogs, I got a text:  another run for tomorrow! And back up to Illinois!  Oh yes! I need to get back on track here. How did that happen. My manager went on a 2 week vacation. This other manager deals with drivers the way we should be dealt with, that's the end of the story.  I'll be almost out of hours after this next trip and I will have to do a 34 hour reset - on the weekend!  Yayyyyyy!

I mean, I could stay home and be happy! Lmao.  But that doesn't pay the bills, save up money or create dinero for next month's vacation.

The trip tomorrow is going about 75 miles further than the plant I went to yesterday.  It's great money, detention pay or not - but they always make you wait forever outside of the plant. The challenge is whether they will get done in time for you to be able to get back to St. Louis or even further south to be able to get home the next day.  Regardless, there is a great keto friendly restaurant in the town about 8 miles away : )  They had this amazing flank stake breakfast that I will be wanting to do again.

Of course, there's an 80% chance of rain in St Louis tomorrow, so, I doubt I will be heading to that truck stop I normally go to.  I'll just head to the Flying J in East St Louis.  It always has parking, at least in my experience, one of the few places that doesn't fill all the way up every night.  The nice thing about the Flying J is that it has a Denny's - which has very good Keto options for breakfast.  Get up early, eat a nice meal and get on down the road.

Home? I dunno.  A little friction going on over here. Not with me, I pretty much try to stay amiable regardless of what's going on. And, it's rather personal - not on my part but I'm not going into another person's personal details on the internet.  Not that kind of stuff.  But, it's affecting the house.  Whatever the case, I'm on the road for the next 3 days, should be home Friday night unless something happens.  I hope something happens, because that will mean extra pay : )


Wednesday Morning.  Looking forward to this trip - good pay, should be back by Friday, get on this week's pay period, and will be out of hours.  That means Saturday off at the very least, maybe Sunday depending on how busy we are on a 34 hour reset.  Well, I guess I'm not really looking forward to afternoon rain - not because I'm afraid to drive in the rain, but because of how a lot of other people drive in it.....

And onto politics.  Why not. Now one of these socialist idiots wants to give 3 to 6 thousand dollars to families - per month? - for being poor apparently.  So, if you got that much money from the government per month, would you want to work?  I guarantee you a lot of people would not.  Incentivizing dependency on the government is a dangerous path to take.  Trillions of dollars - these people literally don't care about money, it's all free!!!

Then you have Biden, who would "win in a landslide", the twisted news media declares, if the Presidential election occurred now.  A lot of these polls were largely wrong about states that were solid blue in the last election, namely Michigan and Wisconsin.  I don't trust the polls because a lot of them have skewed methodology that makes their outcome suspect at best.   Biden's past is being dug into and some gems are starting to come out.

And then, you have Ocasio Nutcase Cortez.  Fruitier than Fruit Loops, economics 101 was apparently a class she skipped - or flunked.  Her math and reasoning on all things economic is almost always wrong.  I'll never figure out how a person could rejoice in losing 25,000 jobs to the state she is allegedly representing into a region where those jobs - and ensuing money being pumped into the local economy - She proclaimed that the state was giving away money to Amazon!  No, lady, the state was promising a tax break - as many states, counties, cities do when a big time employer is making a decision about building new facilities.  These people think we are all stupid, the same as the "tax giveaway to the rich!".  No, the rich just got to keep more of their money come tax time. 

Anyway, about time to get out of here.  Have to get my keto food in bags and get out of here.



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