Monday, June 17, 2019

Well, it figures I'd get a good week's work and then - get 3 days off.  2 days was good - yesterday and today - tomorrow? Not so much.  I don't want 3 days off unless I'm on vacation.  In the local work force, 2 days off is the norm.  After that, you ask for the extra day off. I'd love to never work again and go traveling around the world.  yeah, money is the issue there.  If I don't get a run sent to me by 3pm tomorrow for Tuesday, I'll be contacting this person about what's going on.


I got up at 9 am today.  I was going to sleep even longer, but it just was enough.  I got up, took a shower, got a cup of coffee and then? the power went out.  Lol, Happy Father's Day!  Everyone came filing outside, the kids at the door, the 4 year old saying how creepy it is being in the house with no lights on and why won't we fix it?  I tried explaining it to him several different ways, he did finally grasp the concept that we were incapable of fixing the problem, that would have to be done by "the power company".  Of which he tried to say the word company at least a dozen times.  He tried lol.

We ended up leaving.  We were going to anyway.  IHOP for breakfast.  Then - back home - but that plan changed on the way back and we ended up in a bit larger town about 30 miles away.  We went to several different stores.  And wandering through the mall.  It was fun to do something different.  I would have rather gone fishing on the boat I still don't have, but that's a different story.  They would have, too, actually.  They want to go fishing as it stands, sitting out on a lake would make that a much more fun proposition.

Anyway, my son and his wife sent me a gift certificate to Texas Roadhouse, so we ended the day there. The boys were getting a bit cranky - they didn't get their nap - at all today, except Jaxon - the 2 year old - slept the entire trip back home.  IT was raining all day long to boot, but that didn't stop us.

We had a good day despite the rain or the power outage or the fact that ATT shut off my phone service - bill was paid a week ago - it's whatever.

Tomorrow - continuing on with experimenting and attempting to learn how to use this new smoker and the grill.  It's just a different dynamic with a half barrel concept that I've never tried before.  A lot less heat needed to get good results, I'm thinking anyway.  I've been brining a fryer - chicken - for almost 24 hours now. I was going to smoke it today, but we did other things as mentioned above. My reading says that you can keep it in the brine up to 48 hours.  So that will be fine.  I've also got a rack of ribs defrosting and will lightly smoke it and then low heat grill it.  I'll figure this all out sooner or later, but definitely going to use the cheaper, on sale meats to get that knowledge versus trying to smoke expensive cuts of meat and potentially ruining it.

Oh, and I made an offer on a huge "barge" - they have a lot of different names for pontoon boats - this one needs a new floor. I've offered them a grand less than their lowered price. They have had the thing up for sale for something like a month and a half now. At least.  I don't expect them to take that offer right away, but I do expect that if nothing else comes their way, they will potentially take it.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...