Saturday, June 22, 2019

Here we go with a cellphone entry. I don’t do too many of these. But this was one loooong day. I can only say that I was elated that the loading plant got me in and out if there in record time!!

However. Drove down here. Attempt to find a phone number for the plant .. we have to wait in a staging area well outside the actual plant and all of no-one else was there. Stifling, humid heat, even at 10 pm. Sweating like crazy lol. And this ya at night Lolol!

Got done with that, headed over to Walmart - this place actually has truck parking lanes - and there I found the other driver. Ugh. Tomorrow is out in full sun with a much higher heat index. Note I didn’t volunteer for this, it was dumped on me. I’m trying to claim “forced layover’” since this situation was not derived of my own doings. It would give me 14 hours of extra pay. I dunno if that will fly or not, but I’m going to affirm my desire for sone pay to make up for this.

Now? I’m hanging out at Applebee’s. Dinner and a beer. We switched trailers and he took off. Don’t
blame him, I would too. However, I would not and do not play these types of games trying to get away with not doing required credentials so you can get out of not having to do certain undesirable runs.

And with that, I’m offa here. Time to walk the half mile back to truck and go to bed. Just before midnight, but I can’t go back to the plant until around 8:30 am.
Well, last trip was 3 tires, one of them a blowout and a mudflap gone.

This trip? Who knows, but already a wrench thrown into the works before I even leave the house.  Oh, well I'm going down to Portland near Corpus Christie.  It's one of the Cheniere facilities.  But, one of the drivers credentials to get into the plant expired - a loooooong time ago - and never went back to the class to renew it. The class - truly sucks.  No doubting that.  But I found out fully 6 drivers do not have the necessary credentials to get into either Cheniere facility, which is quite unfair.

They don't have to do the s*** runs.  Well, Portland isn't that bad, at least a few miles in it, unlike the one near Cameron, it's just not a popular run for both the lack of miles and the length of time wasted trying to get unloaded once in the facility. They aren't in a hurry and most of them don't know what they are doing.

Anyway, I have to unload 2 trailers because of this driver's lack of motivation to get his credentials and the fact that we have loads that need to be covered.  I for one don't want us losing any more contracts so I simply agreed to do it without fussing about it.  It's worth maybe $100 of pay - depends on how long it takes but probably 3 hours when it's all said and done - and that other driver won't be getting the stop pay - rightfully so.  As long as it doesn't take more than 2 days to do this it's fine by me.  It would take 2 days for the run anyway, so a bit extra money isn't going to hurt my feelings - but it's hardly desirable.  I won't be able to unload the second truck today, there won't be enough hours left on the 14 hour clock to get it done.  So, it will have to be tomorrow morning. 

Anyway, I'm leaving early so I can go to Waffle House and get a keto breakfast.  The house is filled with people again - grandma and grandpa are here and brought the other kid with them.  I offered my room tonight - but hopefully I'll be back tomorrow night and will be wanting it back lol.

Anyway, time to get out of here. 

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