Monday, June 24, 2019

Ugh.  I feel like hell.  That unload in the heat this morning took it allllll out of me.  So much so, that when we were done, I made it 60 miles up the road, pulled over and went to sleep.  I made it another 70 after that and - went to sleep again.  I think part of that was the fact it's Sunday, tho, but I was feeling my oats. The second sleep did the trick, made it the rest of the way back to the yard after that.

Uneventful trip besides unloading the second trailer.  Still waiting to hear what extra pay I'll be getting for that.

Meanwhile, I have definitely decided the next purchase is going to be a generator.  I'm thinking at least 4,000 watts.  The power went out for 13 hours a few days ago, and then went out again the next morning.  This power outage stuff happens far too often around here.  I've got wayyyyy too much money in meat in the freezers. They sat around in this miserable heat for hours.  If there was a generator here, my bedroom as an 110 AC unit, they could have plugged that in and the TV and the Directv box, plus run an electrical cord to one of the freezers . And just switch from freezer to freezer every so often. Walaah, Meat saved, people cool, problem temporarily solved.


Well we have Monday morning going here. The grandparents are still here so the boys are home today.  It's summer, so school is out - not for the boys, they are too young anyway - but grandma works at a local school in the area she lives in in the cafeteria.  Grandpa is an ex - cop and has decided to go back to work for the county Sheriff he lives in doing security at a court.  They're really cool people, fun to hang out with.  I'm not sure why I always end up hanging out with either cops, ex cops or military and ex military. Just seems to work out that way. 

Well, I just spent the entire weekend working, I doubt I'll do much of anything today, especially with all of them here.  And I don't know when I'm going out again. There were 8 trucks including mine in the yard last night, 2 trucks were hooked to trailers.  According to the schedule, there are 3 trucks going out today.  So if all 5 other trucks are available to go - which you never know, they might be on 34 hour reset, they might not even be in the yard at all, there's also a couple of other trailers that don't belong to us so I dunno if any of those trucks are with those trailers - highly unlikely I'll be going out tomorrow.  Although the lazy factor in me would love another day off, the get the money factor inside me says it's time to go! Get a nice run done in time to turn in for next period paycheck.

Well that's enough for this one, I'm going to kick back, drink some Keurig coffee and watch a show. 

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