Saturday, June 29, 2019

Well I ran that one hard.  Yesterday, I was in Smith Grove - I think it's still Kentucky - wasn't paying attention what state - after running 671 miles.  That's a lot of miles for a truck set at 65 mph in 11 hours of driving time. I had 3 minutes left on the drive clock when I pulled into that place.  I read on the trucking app that they charge you to park there - but there are no signs out there saying such and no one ever came to make me pay  up.  But, I would have paid, it's as far as I can get usually on that particular run without running out of time. 

The reason I would pay for that particular place is because, theoretically, I can make it back to the yard from there the same day.  It was 653 miles I believe, that I was facing yesterday morning.  You just never know what you are going to run into for traffic, but I remained hopeful.  First hurdle was getting through Nashville just before the rush hour - the real rush hour anyway - was going to start.  I was slowed down there for a loss of maybe 10 to 15 minutes.  Then, after driving through Memphis, of which I wasn't slowed down at all, dark clouds and...rain!

Well, I thought, I might just stop in Texarcana today cause' there will be accidents and people driving 45 mph in a 75 mph zone.  Sure enough, traffic slowed to a stand still. After a mile of that we all came up on a truck sitting in the median - it's dug down so he's 10 feet down there - still up right, stuck.  But, the traffic wasn't moving even after that, my guess the driver wasn't paying attention, looked up, saw traffic stalled and headed out into the median. I'm sure he/she has some explaining to do to their company, but the good news is from the looks of it, it's just mud and would just have to be pulled out of there. 

Several miles later of stop and go traffic and there it was.  A truck had rear end another truck. Got rolling again, the unbelievable high speed of 65 mph! lmao.   I calculated that I still could make it even with that loss of time. Hours and hours later? I'm rolling into the yard with 31 minutes left.  That was cool, because my manager had called me a little earlier asking what trailer I had and that I was going to Mapleton, Illinois on Sunday, which is tomorrow. Early load, first load actually.  I could have used a couple days off? But I greedily accepted the run.  Getting caught up is more important than time off. Plus, Sundays are the best day of the week for driving and not getting caught up in heavy traffic anywhere. 

I did very well on that trip limiting myself to just eating what I brought with me. I have also slowed way down on eating pork rinds for snacks.  Not really all the good for you, even if it works for the diet.  In fact, I've slowed down on all pork products, but especially bacon.  I've got a tray of boneless chicken breast and a small roast to cook today.  I'm taking radishes and celery sticks this time instead of pork rinds.  I'm really trying to get myself motivated to make some keto friendly treats, such as wonderful brownies or "fake" choco chip cookies. Except the ingredients for those cookies have to be ordered online, I can't find the chocolate anywhere around here.  Even Walmart's extensive line of the weird stuff doesn't have that kind of chocolate. 

It's just that this particular diet is rather time intensive on making anything because you can't really find it premade anywhere  - or if you can, it's outrageously priced.  I'm not really losing any weight atm.  But I'm not gaining anything either.  Plus, I've started light workouts.  Not so bad.  I was going to take the dogs for the walk today, but it's raining.  I'm not that motivated.  But, I will get out back and do some bicep workouts today.

My credit cards have arrived. I didn't ask for a Sears Mastercard, they just did that on their own. I have a Sears only charge card, but apparently they think I should have their version of a bank card.  Whatever.  I've used the old one once.  My Chevron card also came - just replacing the old one and awaiting my Bank of America card. I actually despise BOA, but that for their checking accounts and the ridiculous amounts of fees they charge for everything.  I shouldn't have to pay to have my money in their account.  Anyway, this card had the allure of cash back and especially if I spend I think it was $1,500 on it in 3 months I get $200 free from them. I can just pay for everything with that card, pay it back immediately (in other words, no balances and no interest charges) and get there easily.

Well, off to the keto recipes to see what I might be able to make for keto desserts.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...