Wednesday, July 3, 2019

And another trip cashed and done.  Well, no cash yet lol.
Got up at 3:30 am today, got on the road, got it over with. 
I'm off tomorrow, already, to Oklahoma.  Now, I don't mind those runs coupled with a good run such as the last 2.  It's that situation where there's 4 in a row, a Cheniere and a Houston run that doesn't really work for me.

Well, it's Wednesday.  I got in yesterday at around 11:45 am.  In other words, I woke up really early yesterday, decided it wasn't worth trying to go back to sleep, got up, mozied over to the truckstop, got a keto cup of coffee (just means I add heavy whipping cream to it, which I have to take with me since you aren't going to find that stuff anywhere except at grocery stores), and got on down the road around 3:45 am.  Truck hadn't been washed in quite a while,  so I detoured on I-40 to the Blue Beacon truck wash just east of Little Rock. I got lucky on that one, there were no trucks waiting in line, just 2 trucks in the wash bays and that didn't last long.

Drove it on out, got back to the yard, hoofed it over to an inspection place, got my registration renewed, paid the rent for the other house - for whatever reason they were really  wanting that check by 11:00 am yesterday.  Which, of course, didn't happen but I got it there as quick as possible.  Allegedly the brother of the man that owns the house showed up 2 nights ago wanting that check.  They usually don't show up until the 3rd or even the 4th or 5th for it. It had slipped my mind that I needed to take it over there, but I figured I was ok. 

I dunno, but by law there is a 5 day grace period so they can't charge late fees and they really shouldn't be getting upset about it.  If they had wanted it on the 1st, they should have said something. That is not their normal habit is all I can say and I told Maria she can direct him to call me if he's going to get pissy about it, I'll deal with it.  He didn't call me, of course, he already knows I won't put up with shit, but left instructions to please take the check to his house and give it to his son - well it turns out he lives less than half a mile away from me, so that wasn't a problem.

Anyway, I haven't even been home a day and I'm already going back out this morning.  This time is an Oklahoma run.  I don't mind doing them here and there, I just don't want to get stuck in a rut of having to do them every trip.  I don't know how to bypass that tho.  I don't know who is coming in, when, from a trip. If I did, I could position myself to turn in my paperwork to give me a better run.  I guess that would be cheating somewhat, but when you get stuck on low paying runs for 2 consecutive weeks, you will pretty much start trying to invent ways to get out of that rut.

Well, anyway, Not much time to do anything.  Yet, that vacation is coming up and I don't mind working as much as I can before then.  I'm going to use vacation hours, tho, at least have something for those 5 days off.  The hourly pay for vacation totally sucks.  It's the same wage as I was making at Ferguson. It's the only pay that is really below what it should be paying. 

Whatever the case, Trump walked into NK for the first time in American History that a sitting President has done that and of course the liberal left had a tizzy about it.  The normal narratives came flowing out. Pathetic stuff, I just shake my head listening to all of this nonsense. In fact, I've turned a lot of it off.  I'll watch the news and then that's it.  I can't handle all the negativity anymore, the President that can't do anything right. 

Whatever the case, I need to get offa here and get ready to go!


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