Saturday, July 6, 2019

Well, that was irritating.  Number one, I woke up at 1:00 am and never was able to get back to sleep - and at this point in time rather cranky and irritable unfortunately.

Then, leaving the house at 4:30 am, I arrive at work to - the trailer that I was supposed to take not being there.  I spent over an hour and a half trying to call my manager.  Nope, she never answered.  So,  I took a trailer I know is good for Brownsville and went over to the loading rack.

During that time, another manager replied to me but she didn't know about what was going to happen.  Because, just before I was to pull up to load the trailer, my manager finally calls back. That's over 2 hours, 30 phone calls trying to get a hold of her.

At first she said, ohhh, trying to figure out if they will accept that trailer down there. But all of a sudden, her memory returned to her. Ohh, that load canceled yesterday! She went on to making her excuses as to why she forgot to text or call me that information.  I bit my tongue.  But pulllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssssseeeeee spare me the excuses.  At least she apologized eventually after going through all of that. 

I was exhausted.  I still am.  And I've tried to sleep and I just can't do it right now.  I got home - James and Taylor gone.  I texted Taylor - please turn off the alarm so i can go in the house : )  She did and I ended up explaining her the whole story above. They did a spur of the moment thing - which is really good they did for once - and took off to Hot Springs, Arkansas this morning.  I didn't know anything about it, but then again, they aren't accountable to me lol.  They took the kids with them - the grandparents don't live that far from there, they are going to meet them, take the kids and husband and wife are going to have some alone time in a cool place. 

The plus for me? It was actually a good thing I didn't have to drive clear down there today - excepting the fact there are no trailers down there and likely not to be until Monday. Which would have given me at least 2 days worth of detention pay. But I'm so tired right now, I would have been miserable forcing myself to stay awake for 10-1/2 hours of driving.  I can do it, don't get me wrong. Have done it for decades, but it isn't pleasant. 

I can't sleep right now, I tried and I'm just in some funk.  It'll hit me later an I'll crash.  The other plus is that I have the entire house to myself. No kids crying and screaming, just peace and quiet. 

My manager has informed me that I will be going on the same run - tomorrow - same early load. 

So what am I doing today? Nothing.  Watching movies and shows that I have recorded on my DVR.

And with that, offa here. 

We had a really nice fireworks display last night - well out into the country, well out in the middle of nowhere.  No cops were called, cause' it was county land and the county doesn't care what you do unless there is a burn ban.  Well, none of that going on with all the rain going on around here recently.

Unfortunately, when I got home, Aspyn was gone.  She doesn't like the fireworks and I forgot to put her in her kennel.  I left Addler in my bedroom. I just can't do that with Aspyn, she chews stuff up and sometimes expensive stuff that isn't too fun to have to replace.

Well, I went out looking for a while, but it was too dark to see a dog in the dark unless she was running down the road.  No clue, came back to the house, went to bed actually, it was late.  I can't imagine those boys today, they were up til 10:30 or later last night, well past their bedtime.  Jaxon was terrified of the loud booms of the explosions, but he seemed to have started to like it a little later. The older boy was having fun with it.  We were out in the street, setting off a rather large stash of fireworks that took a few hours to light off.

Well anyway, I got up this morning - late actually, I wanted to sleep in and I did -  texted Maria about Aspyn, please keep and eye out for her - and then went to the pound.  They didn't have her but asked for a pic and phone number, so I got the lady's phone number and texted it to her.  Maria decided to get into her vehicle and go looking, I was joining her after that. We ran around that  neighborhood for quite a while until Maria texted that the letter carrier lady saw her just a few minutes go, at the time of course, on Woodland street.

Cool, I was over there and then scouring the neighborhood as well as Maria.  Up and down streets - up and down same streets twice to get a second look - people giving interesting looks lol after the second pass - and then, Maria found her at a residential intersection that I had just had been at a few minutes earlier.

Poor doggy was hot and panting heavily. It's hot and muggy outside, not great conditions for running up and down neighborhoods without access to water. She had been out there all night long, whether she had been trotting all over the place all night long is unknown.  What is known is that when she got into the back yard, she went straight to the water pail and drank heavily.

I ended up meeting up with Maria at the local Applebee's.  She doesn't get out much - financial situation - so once in a while I meet up with her and she gets whatever she wants.  Note, not a relationship thing - at all.  At least, not dating.  A friendship relationship, yes, but nothing beyond that.  I'm really not looking at the moment.

So anyway, the fireworks are over so I don't have to worry about Aspyn taking off.  Poor little doggy.  I dunno how Addler was during all of it.  He was on my bed and I had the TV going.  He wasn't going anywhere, but he has started to get visibly nervous in previous fireworks events going on around the area.  I really need to get them both chipped.  I had the chance last trip with Addler ot the vet, but I totally spaced it while I was there.


Saturday - early morning.  Going off to Brownsville. Was very glad to get that run versus anywhere up north.  Northern runs are good, but I like them balanced out by a more "local" run, even if it's 580 or so miles south of here.  And, another weekend gone to working.  Oh well, we are getting excited about the upcoming trip.  And frankly, even tho I'm working lots of weekends, I'm going to have a couple of good paychecks in a row.

As it stands, Taylor is getting pretty restless. They spend most of their weekends home, doing much of nothing. It's a pretty gruesome rut to be stuck in, if I do say so myself.  One of the reasons I wanted to get a fishing boat - they like to fish, they just don't go.  But I stopped looking at boats temporarily, got tired of seeing boat after boat in the price range I want that has something wrong with it.  Usually a major engine problem. There was a pontoon boat that was in excellent condition judging from the pics - but the engine is trashed. 3 grand for a boat that will needs thousands of dollars worth of engine work? No thanks. I'll give ya a grand for it.

I do lowball them on offers when they have jacked up engines.  They laugh - but their boats don't sell.  Some of them have been for sale for months now. You are buying someone else's costly headache. They had their fun with the boat, burnt the motor up and now trying to sell the thing at a profit? Screw that.

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