Saturday, July 13, 2019

With in a 2 year span of time, my 2 uncles and my dad passed away.  Today, the oldest of them - at 90 - passed. I have no idea of what, there hasn't been any communication coming from that side of the family since my dad started with Alzheimer's years ago.  The daughter despises all of us sons of my dad's and sticks her snoot up at us.  It's typical family bs that goes on in lots of families in the US nowadays, I just ignore her.  Anyway, since there has been no communication from any of them, there isn't any feelings attached to his death from me, just the thought that they are all dead now in a fairly short time span.

It's weird, I guess is what I'm saying. But life is strange as it stands sometimes.

Take this med card situation.  I gave up a good, 4 day run so I could get it done.  I initiated that, saying I don't want to let this go any longer.  You want to get it done in time to make sure they get it input into their system in time so your CDL isn't suspended.

Well, this interim manager decided that I was going to go out on a s*** run the next day instead of doing that.  The Oklahoma run.  Then, when I got back, instead of letting me do the exam, she sent on yet another s*** run to Houston, which then was changed to Cheniere as a favor to switch with another driver.  There's 2 crap runs in a row.  Today, I finally got the exam done after getting back from Cheniere and then? She sends me back to Oklahoma today?

I said something about it.  I wasn't being nasty, but I did ask her why she didn't end up giving me the Stryker load she had promised.  It was canceled, she replied.  I replied well you  could have given me some kind of decent run to make up for all of this.  Otherwise, the way it worked out with her continuing to shift my exam date, I could have just taken the damn run up to Stryker, got back today and done the exam on Monday morning. 

Beyond that, when I tried to send the exam via fax today, it wouldn't work. I tried like 5 times and it failed, 5 times. So I went into the DL location in that town - to find something like 60 people all crammed in this little building waiting to do whatever.  No thanks. I left there and went to the itty bitty one in my town - only a few other people in there.  But they informed me because it was less than 10 days until the old med card expired, I would have to pay an $11 fee. After that, I find out they had to actually issue me a new CDL with a new picture and all of that on it to be able to process my med card in time!

THIS, because this "manager" kept putting me off, giving me crappy runs in the process and making my life more difficult than it needed to be.

The "conversation" blew up when she started insulting me and making it personal.  I gave her a stark dose of her medicine right back at her.  I did you a favor and you screw me in exchange.  She was getting all pissed off, she has anger issues, she blows up instantly whenever anyone challenges her.  I'm assuming that is also tied to ego and authoritarian issues.  Whatever the case, if she reports it as anything but her doings, I'm going to show whoever the text messages, because it's alllllll in writing.

Well, I already have to get out of here. I have first load, fun fun.   

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