Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The end is coming.

The end of work for 5 days anyway, lol.

My first diet free meal will be on friday, and I want it to be a Schlotsky's sandwich.  But it could just as well be Denny's with everything I normally get, but add hash browns and toast to the meal : )

The hotel we'll be staying in - La Quinta East Beach Galveston - has okay reviews, not great but not terrible either.  I thought it was worth an extra $20 per night to stay there than the place they wanted to which was cheaper - but had terrible reviews.  Focusing in on "the AC doesn't work in my room" which was repeated in numerous reviews of the place, no thanks.

Other, nicer hotels were much more expensive. I would have paid it, but I understand they're on a budget.  Regardless, the ocean is right there, I mean, you walk out the hotel and turn towards the ocean and there is the beach.  Some reviews also said there are very nice restaurants within walking distance. I promised them again yesterday that I won't be driving, at all, thanks : )A vacation for me necessarily means no driving. I mean, if I were driving to an airport, of course but I really don't want to be driving anything.


Okay then.  I ended up going to the dentist.  I had that crown break off almost 2 months ago and finally have a day off, they got me in there and put a temporary tooth in there until they can get the crown made.  It looks a heckuva lot better than what was there before I walked in there! And, I don't have to pay for the new crown, as well I shouldn't.  But in this world in the new era of greed and lack of business ethics in the corporate world, I wasn't holding my breath.

I've got an appointment to go and have the crown put on the day after I return from vacation - I took an extra day off for recovery. Not really interested in doing that on a day off, but, it needs to be done. I'm having 2 more crowns put on the lower front teeth as well to fix that mess. If I'm doing it, might as well do it all!

After that, the bank - deposited a grand I've been saving up cash for the trip, but put it into savings account. I just can't deal with "reserved" money in my checking account, if it's in checking, it's fair game for bills.  Over to Chili's for lunch, my local hair salon for a cut, Kroger's to get Marie the stuff to make homemade cheesecake, over to Marie's to deliver the stuff and finally back home.

I was happy the dentist got me in - someone failed to show.  They asked me if I could be there at 9:30 - am - and I looked at the clock, it was 9:17. Lol, I wasn't even dressed but I said yes! I'll be there! Rushed into the bathroom, cleaned myself up, got dressed and - well -the dentist office takes 3 minutes to get there so I was there on time.  Now I can go on vacation without this ugly front tooth missing. It's only a temp replace thing but it looks farrrrrrrr better than just this little stub of a tooth sticking out that is intended to hold the crown in place.

Welp, I'm looking at airfare to Ireland.  Hotel packages with it.  But, I don't know where to go, exactly and the advice I got - I thought I had saved and lost it. A gentlemen that lives in Ireland gave some excellent advice and here I am, forgetting to save it?  Or I did and don't remember what file I put it in. Oh, wait, that was my old computer lol.  It on that hard-drive.  I may very well pull that hard drive out of it and install it into this computer so I can find that very excellent information. I can't remember where he said was the best city to go to, excepting somewhere in northern Ireland. Dublin was not on his favorite list and deemed a huge tourist destination.  He gave all kinds of suggestions of cool places to visit.  Hope I find that again, or fine another Irish person to give some clues on what's the best places to visit. I want to see old castles, museums, visit the countryside.  I don't want to sit around in a hotel, but I do want a decent place.  I'd like to find the same hotel to stay at and venture back and forth from there.

But I'm not cemented on that idea.  Traveling around the countryside really could mean staying in a different hotel every night.  One has to be able to plan such things in advance in order to make that happen.  I mean, if I were rich and could just spend as much time doing whatever I pleased over there in traipsing around the countryside at will, that would be a different story.  Looks like I can get an airfare/hotel package for staying at the same place for around a grand.

Meanwhile, my temporary tooth fell off earlier.  Gag. It's not glued in there but I think he puts some sticky substance on it to help hold it in place. My last crowns, none of them came off.  I'm just pushing the thing back up on there.  Not very nice tho.

Short trip, got that over with. I no more than got back to the yard and left for home when I got a text from yet the newest version of a di...