Saturday, July 20, 2019

Arriving at Galveston beach, the hotel let us in early.  No time to waste, Taylor had her itinerary and we weren't in the hotel 10 minutes before she had already ordered a Lyft ride to Moody Gardens.

Pretty cool place. We spent 5 hours there I think.  We saw everything there is to see.  Didn't quite do everything, but that's just because the price goes way up.  Like the zip line. $35 just for that.  We did do the rope course tho. It's 4 stories tall with varying degrees of difficulty in crossing solid platforms to much more difficult ropes that you are "standing" on.  I did that for an hour, lol, and regretted that.

Not because I fell off, but because my legs were very sore!


I may have lost weight, I am still not in any kind of "great" physical condition, not like I used to be anyway. It was fun tho. Going through the aquarium and the rain forest was also pretty cool. Well, cool in the aquarium, very warm in the rain forest! Oh, and no  one got drunk. 

Yikes. Just got out of the shower, they are already texting me for breakfast at Denny's. Sounds wonderful! 

I only know today's agenda has some shopping in some touristry type of location in town. Other than that, well, I think she wants to go to Pleasure Pier - it's an amusement park on a pier - I want to walk over to the ocean and sleep on a towel?  And maybe actually brave the waters and fungus junk and get wet?  

Who knows!

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