Sunday, July 21, 2019

Let's see here.
We spent yesterday touring shops in downtown version of Galveston, replete with a giant cruise ship - the Carnival Freedom - docked right there, towering over everything. Pretty cool sight. We also went on an old - but still in use - pirate ship.  Absolutely fascinating.  I always like getting on those old ships and seeing how they lived.  This particular one had giant placards everywhere telling the story about each portion of the boat you were on.

The captain's quarters were quite small, tho this wasn't a huge vessel. I looked at the sleeping space and wondered how he could even fit on the thing. Very cramped quarters. Frankly, the crewmen's quarters had much larger beds and tho you were double and triple bunked, it would have been better sleeping, at least for the body.

Now, having to listen to other men snoring all night long wouldn't have been so pleasant.  That was the most interesting thing we've done on this trip, as far as I'm concerned.  Not complaining at all, we've had a marvelous time so far.  The adventure is coming to a close, as we have to leave tomorrow.  I don't know what time they plan on leaving, I don't have to work the next day after we get back so I'm all good.  I needed some time off from work.

We also went to Pleasure Pier last night - all the way until it was closed at midnight.  I fell asleep but later was awakened. I can't say that I've slept all that well on this trip but I haven't let it phase me.  I suspect when we get home I'm going to spend the rest of Monday and all of Tuesday recuperating from this.

Today, we took a Lyft to a mexican food restaurant. I'm not sure why we took a Lyft. It wasn't a drinking affair so we could have saved the money and just drove the pickup over there. But, it's fun to ride along with the drivers and all of them telling their tales of this and that.  Most of them don't live on the Island, they come from Houston and other nearby cities.  They try to get an airport ride over here and then one going to the airport from the cruise ships back and make some decent money along the way. 

After that, over to a bar.  I had a drink but I wasn't interested in getting drunk today, which is more than I can say for the other 2.  They're having a good time, I'm not knocking them.  But today, we spent the whole day at the beach.  Now I understand the fungus stuff and potentially getting into someone's system. The water is pretty warm, not cold enough to stop that kind of growth in the water.  I took my chances and spent hours out there.  I will, of course, be looking for any signs tonight and tomorrow of that dreaded sickness that that fungus is giving people.  I did get into the swimming pool at the hotel after getting done with that swimming. At least get into some chlorine!

Oh, to clarify, I'm not interested in getting drunk on any day.  As it was yesterday, I didn't even have a drink until it was almost 3:00 pm.

Anyway, I am  sitting in the hotel room taking it easy.  Beautiful day at the beach. Wind blowing, cool breeze came in with it - weather off the coast.  James wants to go back to Pleasure Pier tonight after we eat whether the lady of the house is going or not.  We purchased 2 day passes, we might as well have some more fun. Well, honestly I'm ready to just call it a day.  But, they're younger and more energy and all of that, just that she is out of it right now and I dunno if the lights are going to come back on today or not with her lol. 

James says he's going with or without her.  This wasn't the cheapest trip and I"m sure he wanted to get his money's worth out of it. Prices for everything over here is kind of like what you would expect to pay for food and drinks in a NFL or similar stadium - expensive. 

We are going to SaltGrass here - eventually. Not sure when lol.  I am going to have a steak and lobster tail, I think.  It's like 2 buildings over from where we're staying, I've never eaten there but everyone says that chain has excellent food.

I think I'll end this one and peruse the internet. 

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