Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Ah, final day of vacation. 
I have been given an Oklahoma run. I absolutely despise this run but at least it's a short one to get me back into the flow of things. 

But, I have spent most of today at both the dentist's office and at urgent care.  The dentist was preplanned - and not a very good idea to try and go to a dentist the day after returning from vacation.  I figured it would be a bad idea, but I also figured I needed to get all of this done. 

So, the crown was the wrong size. The dentist wasn't too happy about that.  I should have a pemanent tooth now where the temporary one kept falling off and I finally gave up on it and threw it in the trash.  So now, I have another temporary one, but this time he put on permanent cement to keep it in place. Good thing, because it's going to be 3 weeks before I can get back in there. They weren't going to give me another appointment for 2 weeks anyway, I just decided I need to get some work in before taking another day off for this stuff.

They also ground down 2 of my front bottom row teeth - that was the other part of this plan - and going have those crowned as well.  So, 3 teeth today with temporaries on them and all cemented with permanent glue.  Hopefully I don't have to worry about that until I get back in there. 

Then off to the urgent care.  Couldn't hear out of my left ear after the ocean and I was getting concerned that the salt water might cause an infection.  Well, the doc said she couldn't even see the ear drum I think she said for the amount of junk in there.  So, an assistant came in, dumped it full of stool softener - sounds gross but that's what they use apparently to loosen up the was.

But, after draining that out and her digging away deep inside there, the situation actually got worse and my hearing was affected even more.  She gave up on that after 20 minutes and went to the other ear. Not near as bad, but there was junk in there blocking the view as well.  That stuff came out - incredibly gross looking stuff that was not even ear was.  Not to make anyone queasy lol.

Then, the doc came back in, got a totally different thing to unplug the left ear and away she went.  All kinds of gross stuff came out of there.  And walaah, my hearing came back to normal.  She looked again and declared it all cleaned out, but, she thought it was getting infected so I'm on antibiotics. 

Those 2 ordeals took many hours of today up when I was actually looking forward to resting and doing much of nothing. Not to mention laundry and getting ready for tomorrow.  Today will also be my last day of abandoning the diet.  We're having spaghetti for dinner and I plan on downing 2 large plate fulls.  I also bought some milk - another Keto no-no- and have drank almost the entire half gallon.  I really got well off the Keto diet during this vacation. I gained around 6 pounds.  I expect to get rid of it quickly.  I don't find it likely to gain that much weight in 5 days time, probably water weight in there as well, I'll find out soon enough. 

And here I am, finally, in my bedroom.  Taylor stayed home from work today as well - planned to recuperate and recover before heading back to work tomorrow.  We are both dreading that proposition.

And reconnecting with my dogs today.  They have spent more time over at the other house than they have here in recent months.  Unfortunate part of the trucking life, you're out a lot.  But my doggies are always happy to see me when I pull up after a run over there. 

I have plenty to do, but I'm only doing the stuff that I must do today.  I'll pick it up once I get back from Oklahoma 2 days from now. 

As for this entry? Done and done. 

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