Sunday, July 28, 2019

4 Oklahoma runs, a Cheniere and tomorrow an El Dorado run.  All of these runs are low paying, 6 in a row.  El Dorado is tomorrow.  It's really bad luck!  Yup, cause on Monday there are a slate of good runs going out.  There weren't any good runs going out today, they all sucked but that's the way the cookie crumbles I guess.  I figure if I get a 7th low paying run, I'm going to say something about it whether my manager wants to hear about it or not.  Her system is totally unfair if you happen to just catch the days when nothing good is going out - or - you catch a day when a good run is going out, but you don't get that run, you get a s*** run instead. calculating an average month intake of pay so far this year, I'm well on my way to 85k gross pay for the entire year.  I just did that math. That doesn't eve seem possible, but I guess it is what it is.  It's just that when I get stuck in these elongated ruts of low pay runs, my checking account suffers and it takes quite a few good runs to get it back up to where I like it.

Oh! They finally put air conditioning in the bathrooms at the terminal!  Think about having to sit on the toilet when it's almost 100 degrees outside in a bathroom that has zero ac and is much warmer feeling than the outside temp.  They still haven't put in a shower tho.  I would use it if they installed one, get back from a run, take a quick shower and freshen up a bit.

Anyway, I got home early today so at least I have most of the day to enjoy home.  El Dorado is only like 145 miles the way that I go, it's totally and usually possible to get it done in one day.  But......that depends on the loading plant and more importantly, the facility in El Dorado.  I haven't gone in a long time, but I've been stuck there for 7 hours waiting for them to unload. It just takes a long time, it's not because they don't get right on it.  It's great for detention pay, at least.

Addler about plowed me over today when I came in the house. Maria is still in Houston so James and Taylor were watching my doggies for me.

I think my entries are getting boring. Same old thing every day, excepting for vacation which was marvelous.  And contemplating next vacation.  I'm not taking any action on it until I get some good runs under my belt and ensuing pay.  People telling me to go over to Ireland during the summer. But looking at the temps over there, it looks pretty nice.


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