Tuesday, July 30, 2019

After 6 low paying runs, I apparently hit the jackpot and am leaving for Stryker, Ohio today.  I took a chance and cooked food fitting for such a trip yesterday - without knowing where I was going.  I had asked my manager at around 11 am yesterday, but she didn't reply to me until I asked her again 6 hours later.

But by that time, I had already smoked a nice cut of beef, made some buffalo chicken wings and some cream cheese and spinach stuffed chicken breasts.  Now, of course, I am very pleased that I went ahead and did all of that.  I would be hurting for finding food on the road without being able to take all of that with me.  Oh, and a couple of breakfasts as well - eggs, chilis and ham.  So I'm set.

This is also the run I gave up when I was trying to get my med card - and that interim manager played her little games and then got belligerent with me in texting.  I never get rid of texts : )  If she ever tries to say she didn't say all that s***, I'll have written proof to back me up.  

Well fun fun.  It's 12 minutes before I have to leave and it just started raining.  Gag.  

Meanwhile, the race card continues to be pulled with political pundits, commentators and politicians all calling Trump a racist!  He's a racist because - he says things that don't even mention race?  Lmao. Apparently, if you criticize a person and that person happens to be dark or black skinned, that is automatic racism!  Does these people understand how foolish they are making themselves look?

I wonder what swing voters are thinking right now.  Vote for the side that wants a Green New Deal that is now estimated, released today, to end up costing QUADRILLIONS of dollars over time. We are no longer in the trillions range.  A thousand trillion dollars.  That's an unimaginable amount of money.  Vote for a party that has so much infighting, it makes the daily news?  Vote for the party that has no visible platform beyond accusing Trump of being a racist?  If I were a swing voter, I'd either vote for Trump or perhaps consider not voting at all.

Welp, time to go get wet apparently. I was hoping it would stop before I had to leave, but the rain is coming down even harder now. 

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