Saturday, August 3, 2019

Pretty uneventful trip  Drove almost 700 miles yesterday - a record for me - after deciding I wanted to just drive until I ran out of hours.  I had a minute left on the clock when I was done lol.  Ended up in Palestine, AR, started the day in Stryker, Ohio. The funny part is I started out yesterday - well I had to unload the trailer first.  Then I decided I was just going to drive halfway and quit for the day, finish the drive up today. But around halfway through the day, I was more into it and just kept on going after the 500 mile mark...
My manager said I may have to work tomorrow.  Gag.  Not that I don't want to, but there's a dinner get together tomorrow evening that I want to go to.  I just politely asked if it's possible, please schedule me for Sunday? She said fine, if she can get by without me, she'll do it.  And, if it did work out, Sunday has more better runs than tomorrow.  In fact, there's another run going up to Stryker. I would love to get that one, high paying trip and definitely worth being out 4 days for. 


Tomorrow is here. I am going back to Stryker - tomorrow - Sunday - it's Saturday today.  I've spent the day shopping, laundry, cooking and getting ready for another 4 day road trip.  I'm quite worn out and still doing required work modules on my computer and still have a get-together to go to in a couple of hours.  There is a chocolate sweet recipe I was going to make - but I"m too worn out for that.  

I really, reaaally, realllllly don't want to go to work tired tomorrow. It will be 600 minimum miles of driving after 2 plus hours at the plant, being worn out isn't on the menu.  But, maria wants to do this for everyone and it's important to her.  I think I"m just going to go for an hour or so and call it a day.  I at least have an out that it isn't first or second load, so I don't have to get up super early.


And here we are, Saturday night. We just spent 4 hours over at Maria's who was hosting a get together for some of the neighbors and us.  Steak, hamburgers, etc.  But I just spent the entire day besides those 4 hours messing around with getting stuff ready for another 4 day trip.  Cooking in advance doesn't exactly take 5 minutes. A thick pork chop - a meal in itself.  A rack of ribs - only wanted enough for one meal but it is what it is, I can't eat a whole rack, one meal worth of chicken wings and keto pizza.  I had a slice of the pizza, it was quite good for being a "fake" version of the real thing.  Its enough food, probably too much but I'd rather go prepared and eating out costs much more than all of that stuff. 

Whatever the case, politics is still fascinating me.  The idea that all republicans are racists, that we are all thrown under that blanket, every single one of us now and even more-so Trump supporters is ridiculous, outrageous and unbelievable.  How do they allow themselves the privilege of making such unbelievable, unfounded, baseless accusations? How far is this going to go?  Where does it end?  I'm dumbfounded at this point with all of this nonsense going on.  Even Pelosi has jumped on the bandwagon calling Trump a racist and previously - a month or so ago - say he should be in jail.

Med4all. It's no longer for senior citizens, it should be for everyone and they are telling us, health care is an absolute right, they are now saying. The endless spending idealism they are propagating would bankrupt this nation.

I'm waiting for the violence.  It's coming. If this rhetoric continues and they keep ramping this stuff up, I don't believe this will go on forever without confrontations.  I'm not advocating violence, not by any means. But human nature will eventually kick in.  I don't see any other end to this unless they come to their senses, dial it back and stop treating the "other side" as mortal enemies.

I'm still following all of this stuff, just not spending near as much time as I was previously doing it.  It's too stressful and I don't want or need unnecessary stress in my life.  Politics can go to the hell it came from as far as I'm concerned and the people engaging in this s*** - I don't want to go to hell, but let's get beyond this nonsense already.  Or just fight it out and let the winner prevail. 

It's time to go to bed.  I have a 14 hour day facing me tomorrow.  I just got home tho, figured a few minutes down time to relax before going to sleep would be good.  My goal tomorrow will be at least make it to Mount Vernon, Illinois.  Actually, that area is full of truck stops that fill up by the time I will get there so it will have to be that dive truck stop up the road. If I even make it that far - but Sunday driving is usually pretty trouble free.

Have a nice evening. 

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