Saturday, August 10, 2019

How will history look back on the Presidency of Donald Trump?
Will historians label him the traitorous, white nationalist, Hitlerish, racist Mexican hating, black hating person that the left currently says he is?

Or, will he be looked back on as a highly successful President that made huge accomplishments that helped turn the nation back around?

Or what?

This new movie The Hunt coming out has turned the entire nation upside down in either an uproar because of it's content - allegedly a hunting resort for rich, liberal elitists to hunt down "Deplorables" - aka Trump supporters.  I've watched all kinds of outrageous things coming from the left since Trump took office. Grifford making a bloodied head of Trump, a play at a New York park depicting the murder of Trump, a rapper doing a skit of killing Trump, actors saying outrageous things such as Madonna "blow up the White House" and others wanting harm done to the President or even having him killed.

The left claims to be the party of peace, but from all appearances, that's an unbelievable proposition. Pelosi calling him a racist and wanting him in jail - and both her and Schumer repeatedly saying he's having a "temper tantrum" - because he won't cave to their demands?  This political climate is going to lead to out and out violence if something or someone doesn't come along that can throw water on the fires of anger, hate and reaction.

Moving on.  I'm going to make bake free cookie dough bars today - I think. I'm trying to get motivated. Tomorrow for sure.  These are Keto friendly "sugary" concoctions that look delicious.  It's pretty much granted you can only eat one per day and still be able to eat other things on that day as well, but something has to give here.  6 grams net carbs gives me something to enjoy.  I'll make a batch and freeze them - I won't eat a whole batch any time before they go bad.  I'm 2 pounds above where I was when I went on vacation.

No regrets and will do it again.  But i am going to go on a 60 hour fast with a bunch of people in a Keto facebook group I'm in. They do it once per month.  That's a fairly good fast.  They have some products they want to sell at outrageous price - $70 for teas and supplements during the fast.  I don't think I'm going to do that, I'll just do the fast along with them and drink water only, as has been my habit during fasting most of my adult life.

Heading back up to Stryker on Monday.  I'm not complaining at all about these long runs.  I'll take them as long as she gives them to me.  I didn't complain about the 6, very short runs in a row to her either.  I'm trying to keep my mouth shut and just take whatever comes.  But 2 Strykers, a brownsville and now another Stryker in a row is very good.  I know I'll get caught up in another series of short runs eventually, gotta take the long ones when they come along.  I have the route down to science now.  Well, science if the hours are available. Biggles Cafe is the first night's stop, it's near Centralia Illinois.  If I make it there, I have relatively few miles to put on the next day.  Realistically, I could make it a minimum of 450 to 500 miles and be guaranteed to make it the next day.

But I always push myself to drive as far as my time will allow it.  There is another truck stop further up the road from Biggles in Farina.  I was just a few minutes short of being able to make it last trip. I would rather make it up there if I could, perhaps time will permit me to make it this next trip. Or, perhaps I will get caught up in the plant and not even make it to Biggles.  Whatever the case, I do like getting a run frequently enough to be able to figure out where to stop without having to scour the app to try and figure it out.  The 3rd day, I'm trying to make it back to the Love's on I-40 in Palestine, Arkansas, 688 miles from Stryker.  These are "in a perfect world" types of driving days where I'm not getting slowed down by construction or accidents or bad traffic to the point I have to stop somewhere before those places.


Late.  Taylor went out with a girl's night out thing, James was the designated driver and I - had no aspirations of going anywhere. Stayed with the boys, put them to bed a few minutes ago, one was happy to go to sleepy land, the other was screaming.  Lol.  I would have let them stay up later, but they have a schedule and a routine and if you try to mess with it, especially at their age, they will be up early  in the morning.  Now, I don't have to deal with it in the morning, but I certainly don't want them to have to wake up early to kids. 

Oh, well the screaming boy - 2 years old - fell asleep within 3 minutes of my turning off the light and leaving the room : )  I knew he was tired, he's an obstinate little boy but it was time to go to sleep.  The older boy - 4 - I let stay up a half an hour later  He was the happy one.  But, I mean excepting the 2 year old not wanting to go to sleep before the 4 year old and letting my ears know about it - it was a good night.

Meanwhile, my smoked pork butt transferred into the crock pot also was finished.  Very tasty!  Dumped a half bottle of sugar free - and delicious - BBQ sauce on it, very nice.  I've got a half brisket thawing and laundry going, but the rest of my cooking will be tomorrow.  I want Keto bread for the next trip!  Well I want bread trip or no lol..

That's it for me.  G'nite.

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