Sunday, August 11, 2019

It's 9:30 am.  I would love to get the day started, ie: start cooking the things I want to take with me on the next trip.  But, the boys are still sleeping and the adults didn't get in until 3:30 am last night.  I'll give it another hour but then, I'm going to have to start making the stuff I want to make.  Specifically, a loaf of Keto friendly bread, a keto friendly pizza, no bake cookie dough bars and a half cut of brisket.  I could get started on the brisket, but no need. Too early.  I should be able to get that thing done in 3 or 4 hours. 

I particularly liked the pizza on the last 2 trips - one pizza lasted that long.  It's a quick, easy snack or lunch that doesn't even have to be reheated.  It doesn't take long to make..  In fact, I could make that one now, now that I think of it, the only noise is the microwave. On a 4 day trip, I definitely want to take a whole pizza with me, as well as the BBQ pork I smoked and then put in the crock pot - that stuff turned out delicious.  The bread I want to be able to use to make BBQ sandwiches.  The brisket just a stand alone meal, having a salad with blue cheese dressing with it. 

I was actually hoping for a 3 day run such as Mapleton or Morris instead of a 4 day run.  Stryker is about 600 more miles than either of those two listed, so it's worth it for the miles, I just prefer 3 day runs over anything longer.  But as I mentioned in another post, I am not complaining about it - at all.  The only other thing that would be "nice" would have been starting today - Sunday - to have trouble-free driving.  However, two days off is nice once in a while :  )

Oh, well Taylor decided this week she was going to go out with a friend over in Shreveport and have James be the "designated Uber driver".  I agreed to watch the boys - they were going to be going to bed anyways not too terribly long after they left.  Babysitting while they are asleep is easy, lol, just leave the doors open so I'll wake up if they have a problem.  The dogs alerted me when they came home last night, Addler wasn't too fond of people walking into the house that late at night. 

Today, for me? A cleaning, cooking, laundry day. Well laundry is almost done actually, I started that last night.  I wanted to start cooking early so I didn't have to feel pressured later on in the day, and with that thought, I'm definitely making the pizza as soon as I get done with this entry.  There isn't much else going on in my small, little world right now anyway.  I drive  a truck, keep up with politics - tho I'm definitely watching less and less news, it's really so negative and the same s*** every day - Trump is a racist! or Trump is a White Nationalist! comparing him to Hitler. It just gets old hearing the same stuff.  Other than that, I really have nothing going on - which is a good thing actually.

I like to look for some of the interesting stories that are off the political trail as well.  Such as the dog that was spotted by the motorist that had been leashed to some sort of power supply box on the side of a freeway.  The leash was holding the dog up, choking it.  Whoever put the dog there like that is an idiot. The motorist cut the leash and took it to some animal shelter.  The shelter checked for a micro chip and sure enough, not only did the dog have one, but the owner had been looking for the dog.  It was good ending to a story that started off rather badly.  It is also a reminder that I want to get my dogs chipped.  Be nice if they'd invent a GPS tracker you can put in with that chip.  Where's my doggy? Get on the internet, access the app to locate them and there ya go!  No, I do not advocate doing that with humans.  But dogs I'm fine with.  Hmm, well I should be back on Thursday, perhaps I will do it Friday - if I'm not sent out again the day after getting back.

That's been happening alot and the reason i was happy to get 2 days off. I also talked to another driver a few days ago that stated he had been sitting alot.  This is why I'm keeping my mouth shut about complaining.  Whatever I get, I get, deal with  it. Complaining might get you - nowhere with the manager. She's a nice lady and all, but she doesn't like drivers complaining about getting low paying, low mileage runs. I've only said something after I've gotten too many of them in a row.  But, realistically, it does no good.  It only serves to frustrate and irritate her.  She has a lot of drivers to deal with and at least some of them are chronic complainers.  I don't count myself on that list, I don't complain to her about every little thing.

I might vent on here about things, but I keep it at that.  I still think it's ridiculous that that terminal has no shower, laundry or dedicated driver's lounge.  I still despise the radar junk that beeps on the truck - tho I have gotten better at ignoring it.  I really don't like driving 65 mph when most other traffic is whizzing by you at 70 mph.  I get cut off all day long because of it.  But, I have gotten used to it -- better than when I first started this job anyway.  Doing some calculations, I am on track to making at least 80 grand this year, the same as I did last year, maybe a couple thousand more than that if it stays on track.  Really, if I were to stay as busy as I have been for the last 2 to 3 weeks, I would be more on track for 90k plus.  But it's whatever, 80k is fine, I'm not greedy, it's paying the bills, building up a retirement account and paying off old debt plus a much nicer ride.

Money talks.  It shouts louder than all of those negatives I posted above. 

Anyway, this is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it! And God is greater than all of those complaints and the money. 


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