Monday, August 12, 2019

Monday morning.
Usually, I've been on the road since Sunday morning - I mean I've worked every Sunday for months now.  You kind of get used to things that once were considered sacred and untouchable after doing it for a while.  So, I get to start the week on Monday like "everyone else".  I'm hopeful for a 4 day trip, come back and get sent back out on a 2 day trip and then get 2 more days off. 

That's in a perfect world. Considering other drivers saying they've been sitting, I dunno what's going to happen. 

The current media uproar is Epstein.  If you don't know who Epstein is, good for you! That means you don't watch the news and in this day and age, that might not be such a bad thing!  The question of course is whether he actually committed suicide?  I don't hardly ever go for conspiracy theories, but this one definitely lends to suspicions and questions.  Seems quite convenient and the timing very odd of his just dying.  He had pleaded not guilty, has all the money in the world to put up the best defense that money could buy, why would you at least not wait until the declaration of a jury?  You could conjecture that he "knew he was guilty so why prolong it".  Possible, he wasn't allowed out on bail.  With all that money, he could have simply flown over to a nation that doesn't have extradition agreements with the US and lived there the rest of his life. 

Just another thing in a long list of odd things that is going on.  I think the real problem our society is currently facing is Progressive idealism and wanting government control of every single thing.  They are using the "free giveaways" to try and achieve that desired ending.  But make no mistake, the free stuff is just the method to get to their madness.  That idealism wouldn't be appealing to the masses if there wasn't a carrot on the end of a stick.  It's fascinating that people simply choose to ignore the history of socialism and communism. We've simply discarded the axiom that says "if history repeats itself......".  Why? 

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is their favorite go to for both those running for president on the democrat side and the liberal media which loves to howl the evils of Trump at every turn,.  They constantly say that he is doing things to take scrutiny off of himself, when in reality, it's the democrats doing that exact thing.  Note that Bernie sanders doesn't really go after all those evil millionaires anymore, he is focused on billionaires.  Why? Because he IS  a millionaire.  Double standards, forked tongues, hypocrisy.  It's so obvious it's like it's up on a giant billboard on the side of the highway for all to read - but everyone that is in love with this free stuff idealism simply ignores the reality of it. 

Whatever the case, I spent a good portion of yesterday cooking.  I am one pound away from where I left off before going on vacation.  The reality that if I want to keep this weight off, I will have to stay on this diet or some form of it the rest of my life kind of sank in after this "experiment".  The fact of the matter is, tho, is that I went hog wild crazy eating everything and anything I wanted for 6 days, had planned to do so in advance and took full advantage of that opportunity.  So, from one end of the scale - not eating the foods most people eat - to the other - eating a lot of junk, calorie packed, carb packed foods. 

Well, gotta get my stuff in the vehicle and get out of here.

Happy Monday!

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