Monday, August 26, 2019

I mean, gag.  Go to bed at 3 and get up at 8:30?  Maria wanted to go to Walmart, I needed to go for dog food and other things. So we went!  An hour of that and done.  Over to that house and totally forgot about the boat : (  I wanted to get the model number of the starter motor and order a new one.
Going to have to save that for when I get back from tomorrow's trip, for I have no intentions of going anywhere else today.  I was going to take her out for a bite to eat, but she canceled out a few minutes ago.

Which I'm  now glad.  I'm really tired, just out of it.  I've got a rack of ribs slow cooking in the oven - didn't even feel like firing up the smoker today - those should be done in the next 4 or 5 hours.  Those are for tomorrow's trip. It's just an overnight trip so that's all I'm making.

I somehow came across a site with fairy tales from the past yesterday and was reading some of them.  My memory of Rumpelstiltskin was quite skewed from the actual story. Mother Frost I had never heard of.  The Twins - that was really weird.  And several others.  Many of them with terribly lame endings.  Like, you expect some sort of climax and instead, just bland, take-the-punch-out-of-it story lines that made reading the entire thing seem like a waste of time.  I mean, the stories were interesting - just the endings.  Like, really? lmao.

I remember reading a journalists take on fairy tales - ghastly stories with people getting killed and maimed.  I don't think people have their kids read any of that stuff anymore, so I guess it's a moot point.  But I grew up with Wiley Coyote being blown up, falling off 10 thousand foot cliffs and other untimely "deaths" and other cartoons just as violent and you know what? I don't have any thoughts about killing a bunch of people, running people over, licking food and putting lids back on it in supermarkets.

Kids are being cleansed from all that "evil" stuff  and what is the outcome of that? Not very well adjusted adults that can't handle much of anything in terms of criticism or dealing with opposing viewpoints.  Or work ethic.  Going and playing in the dirt all day long has been replaced by sitting on a couch and playing endless video games.  I'm sure the earth isn't going to end, but the culture is definitely changing. Morals are no longer a line that can be crossed, it's grey area where anyone can interpret anything to be whatever they want it to be - and go on the internet and shout it out to whosoever will read their bs.

Godlessness is going to be the downfall of our society. That's my assessment, viewpoint and opinion.


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