Wednesday, August 28, 2019

One thing I’m getting tired of hearing is people telling me that boats are money pits. Yes, you could sink some serious money into any given boat with all the accessories you can buy. Yes. If the boat has mechanical issues that can be quite costly. But lots of hobbies and pastimes cost dough. Take hunting for example. You can spend thousands of dollars just on a good hunting rifle. Or old car aficionados.

Even non-boat based fishing can add up. Bird watching with expensive binoculars. 
Book reading, video games, dvd collections, it all adds up. I already knew after searching for months that whatever I ended up with would need work. I figured on bad upholstery and perhaps replacing some accessories. Perhaps minor mechanical work...tho the boat would have to fire up and run before buying it. Wasn’t interested in boats with bad or missing motors. 

I was tired of being a home body. One of the guys Pooh poohing  on my parade, lamenting on how much boats cost, has a Jeep Rubicon. He has dumped untold thousands of dollars into that thing. I started to get irritated with this guy telling me how much money I was wasting with a boat knowing how much he has spent on his Jeep. 

It wasn’t just him tho. People who have never owned boats giving me their endless wisdom of how much money I’m going to waste. I hate to be rude, but the next person that starts in on this line of bs
I’m going to politely ask to change the subject. I counted the costs before I got into this, I knew there would be upfront money involved, now please can it.


Long drive home today.  Not because it was a bunch of miles, but because I didn't feel like driving. I go through that from time to time.  When it hits, I just want to pull over, get out of the truck and go do something else.  Or go to sleep.  Or just sit there and do nothing.  Those are bad days, I can tell ya.  I'm home now, hopeful that it leaves my mind by morning because I am headed to Brownsville again tomorrow morning.

I'm going to have to get my mind off of the boat I guess. It's going to be weeks before I can go out with it, I am guessing that right now. Just the way it's going to work out. I was going to take the thing into the upholstery shop today - but I was not here early enough today - because the plant yesterday was not getting the certification on the product showing up within specified parameters.

S*** happens.  Just have to mentally deal with it.

Sleep is a factor here. I haven't been getting enough of it, too many late nights.  It really affects my mood. 


Wednesday morning.
I'll take the guess that several nights of fitful sleep are going to catch up to me tonight and I'm going to sleep quite well. 
Regardless, this Brownsville run is getting tougher and tougher to get down there in one/same day. 
They have 20-25 plus miles of construction going on building 59 into an interstate directly south of Houston. That's been going on a while now, but now, there are a large number of new sites popping up all the way down to the border.  They are going to build that whole thing into an interstate.  Which will be nice - when they are done with it - but it will be years and years before that's a reality. 

It adds a lot of minutes to the drive and I am finding myself making it there in time to get my post trip inspection done - 10 minutes our company mandates and getting off the clock with a few minutes left to spare or even down to zero minutes. It used to be over an hour left on the clock, plenty of time to spare, no rush.

Well, off to the races.

Happy Hump Day. 

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