Friday, August 30, 2019

Well, I burned up my 70 hour work window - down to 9 hours left.  You can't do anything in this line of work in 9 hours excepting get a trailer loaded. Or perhaps take a pre-loaded trailer to certain destinations that you can make within 9 hours - but you wouldn't make it back.  They do not like having drivers out on the road for a 34 hour reset because it forces them to pay for a hotel.  They have, in face, since making this change in the company, eliminated a lot of free hotel stays.  I would have far better liked it if we had stayed the company I had signed up with.  More perks and a lot more hotel stays.  It's been a while since I've stayed in one per company expense.

Brownsville, you now only get one if you're there a second night.  That hardly ever happens because they forced the company down there to try and get trailers back up to the yard in time for when drivers arrival. They were doing okay at it for a while, but they have recently been slacking, which is fine by me.  The only reason I didn't get any detention pay on this last trip down there is because one driver decided he was going to go on vacation - there in Brownsville. Presumably staying at the beach some 20 miles away.  The word had it he got into some tiff with our manager.  The specifics I have no idea and really don't care. 

Well, I knew this driver was down there, I didn't know when he was coming back and he didn't answer his phone. So, I hooked up to that trailer and dragged it out of the yard, stopping at the new Love's 2 miles down the road for the night.  To be honest, I wanted to get home anyway, I was glad to get the trailer this time and get out of there. I knew I had a 34 hour reset coming up and I wanted to get home and get started on it. I definitely have today off,, I may have tomorrow off as well.  I'll find out when my manager sends out the work assignments for the weekend. The only runs according to the schedule available are either Brownsville or Oklahoma. I'd be ok with Oklahoma I guess, it's better than nothing. 

Anyway, 34 hour reset meant sleeping in this morning and trying to catch up on some z's.  My new bimini top arrived yesterday and after checking my new starter should arrive some time today.  I have no idea what it's going to entail to get that starter installed. On cars they can be either very easy and accessible or a pain in the rear. The starter is right there, on the outside of the boat motor, but I did not have time to examine the intricacies of how to get it off of there.  It's just regular mechanics that all motors share in common - but - boat motors are tight and everything is crammed in there. 

I'm trying to motivate myself to get over to the other house, hook up the boat and drag it over to the upholstery shop.  I'm just not really interested in doing much of anything today, I've been running hard and long hours and it takes it's toll after a while.  I'm really hoping for tomorrow off, 2 days would do me some good.  I informed the folks living here it would be a couple of weeks before we would ever get to taking that boat out - get everything fixed on it first and then take it out. 

Alright, I've decided to head over there. I want to try to fire up the motor again.  At least hear the thing running. 

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