Saturday, August 31, 2019

In Brownsville, Texas - again.
Coming down here a lot in the last week and a half.
I drove 400 miles today before stopping, I wanted to drive as many miles as I could to see if I could see any of our trucks coming back up - 2 drivers went down there yesterday.  I had this feeling that there wouldn't be any trailers down here.  I dunno why, but I wasn't tired at all driving today and I only got 5 hours of sleep last night.

Anyway, upon finally arriving here, I saw Edgar's truck sitting in the back facing the front.  That was the ding ding ding and money signs moment.  If he is still sitting here, I am going to be here until at least Monday.  I got my paperwork done, dropped the trailer and then knocked on his door.  He said that the guy in the yard told him there were no trailers showing up at the border, didn't know if any would come tomorrow, but if they did show up, they wouldn't be here until late afternoon.  Well, then I saw that the other driver was also still there, hiding away around a corner. 

I've never seen them bring up 3 trailers in a single day, I've never heard of them doing that, hence the conclusion that I will be here until at least Monday.  And - if they don't show up with trailers at all tomorrow, you can figure Tuesday.  Well, that is if our manager doesn't say screw it, drive back up here bobtailing.  But I asked the other driver about that, he said she told him that she needs the trailers.  We have been coming down here steady with something like 10 or more loads a week for quite a while.

This place is pretty fickle in that department, They usually have shutdowns here and there that leave us high and dry for runs.  I mean, it happens frequently, the plant shuts down and we are kind of screwed. Our terminal relies heavily on this place to keep drivers busy.  I may not get down here that much - it's all the luck of the draw I guess - but there are drivers coming down here 1 or 2 loads every single day.  You take this place out of the running and we are sitting around waiting for 2 days after every run, guaranteed.

Regardless, unless they have changed policy again, I will be getting a hotel down here tomorrow.  Actually, even if they have changed policy,  I will get a hotel on my own dime regardless.  I have no desire to sit around in a truck alllll day long.  In fact, I am considering driving over to Padre Island and spending some time on the beach.  I have shorts, some cheap sandals and sun screen with me.  No beach towel but I can figure that out.  I kind of want to be sure about the trailer situation first, tho.  It would be a bummer to get to the beach and then find out that I have to go back to the yard lol.

Well that's that.  My starter motor project on the boat on hold until I get back. I am taking it into a repair shop in the town where the truck yard is.  If they can't do anything, I'll go to a marine parts store over there and see if they have one or can order one.  I'm not paying a mechanic to do such a simple job, that starter was quite easy to get out of there.  Very accessible, took 5 minutes and that was that.  Now, if a new or rebuilt starter doesn't fix it and I can't figure it out, then it goes into a shop.  I'm 80% confident that it is the problem tho.  It wouldn't even try to do anything until I tapped it.  I really should have just taken the boat in yesterday to the upholstery shop, I keep thinking I should get the motor fixed first and make sure I have a running boat.

But now that I have the boat, I'm fixing it regardless. So my thinking wasn't all that great in that department.  Should have gotten done what I could get done. 

Oh well. I didn't figure this was all going to happen overnight, no big deal.

Well it's getting late, time for Truck Sleeper Inn bed.

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