Wednesday, September 4, 2019

I did, indeed, get motivated today, got up, had a couple of cuppas coffee, got out of here and dragged that boat to the upholstery shop.  Very light boat, didn't slow down the SUV at all.   That should be good for loading and unloading at the dock ramp.  I have a little more confidence now after watching numerous launching and loading videos.  At least I have an idea of what to do and what not to do.  Like, don't back up so far that your rear wheels go off the ramp and into the water.

That's when you see the videos of vehicles floating in the water and slowly sinking.  Lots of those videos on YouTube.  I don't really think it's that people start losing traction, tho one video showed the driver had put the truck into park and locked the rear brakes and the thing still ended up floating off. I guess it's just backing up too far, supposedly these boat ramps have markers on the docks next to them showing where the dock ends. 

Just a bit terrified of the idea of losing my vehicle like that. Once it sinks, the vehicle is doomed.  You can't expect all the computer and sensor parts to actually survive that nonsense.  Gets into the wiring, everything that makes the car work - likely doesn't work anymore and your vehicle is a total loss.  Even if it isn't, I suspect you would look forward to issues with the vehicle for the rest of the time you own it.  From what I have observed, the rear wheels of your vehicle go into the water a bit, but not very far before you stop and get the boat off the trailer.

Some videos show the truck backing into the water and hitting the brakes to nudge the boat off without any further help needed for it to float off. 

Well that's going to be the future cause the boat is going to be at that upholstery shop for 2 weeks, the owner stated. He has to order the vinyl for one thing. The other thing is they remove everything off the seats and chairs down to the wood and check the wood.  If it's good, they go ahead and simply replace the vinyl.  If not, they replace the wood.  They also replace the foam cushion part if it's bad.  Local shop, great reputation, been around for years and years, I've seen the finished product and it looked good, they didn't have an issue with me leaving the boat there - tho I gave them the new ball hitch lock to make sure it wasn't going to get stolen. 

I'm happier to help the local mom and pops - if they do good work - than taking the thing out of town and dumping money into some other city's economy. 


Day over. Manager called and said she was busy but wanted to let me know I have first load.  That's good to know in advance, that's early rise.  She texted me a few hours later, an Oklahoma run.  I'll take it over Cheniere, Houston or El Dorado run.  Whatever the case, it's very late considering the time I have to get up so, off to dreamland.

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