Thursday, September 5, 2019

Dinner was actually eaten last night, almost all of it.
I won't make two racks of ribs anymore, it's just a waste.  I make it thinking we will eat it and they think we will eat it as well - and then?  Might eat a couple of ribs off the second rack and that's it.  Just because we have plenty of meat in the house doesn't mean we should be wasting it.  Wasn't brought up that way and those types of habits are hard to break.  So I was happy to see all but a couple of ribs eaten and a "fight" over who was going to get those last ones for lunch tomorrow.

I wasn't engaged in that bickering, lol, I already had cooked wings that were going to go bad the day before and those are what I'm taking with me to Oklahoma.  Anyway, I had also made a Keto version of pizza with CarbQuik which was also eaten, amazingly enough.  I figured the thing was all mine. Not all keto stuff is that good. This particular pizza needed to be a bit more crispy.  I'll do some tweaking next time around.  Namely, push the dough out til it's thinner and precook the crust a bit before loading it up with toppings. 

It was really the only thing wrong with it, other than that it was delicious.  However, I'm thinking the almond flour pizza dough tastes better.

The boat is just going to have to be put out of my mind for a while. Two whole weeks! But, they're taking it apart to do it right, meaning it should look pretty much brand new when they're done and it should stay looking that way for a long time to come.  I'll have to invest in a cover to preserve the newness of it.  Be kind of wasteful to spend that much money on it and then just let it begin to rot in the sun again. 

The $250 worth of grass plugs I put in the ground - a loooooooong time ago - have finally started to do their thing.  I gave up on them and just figured I wasted my money.  However, I was walking over the lawn yesterday and a string of grass over a barren patch caught my eye.  Upon closer observation, it was one of the stringers that this type of grass is supposed to put out both above and below ground.  Whatever the technical names are, that's how it proliferates.  Parts of the front lawn grass are nice and thick and beautiful - other parts are barren, nasty looking nothingness, which is what prompted me to put this stuff in there in the first place.  The only thing I have been successful in growing over that barren stuff is winter/rye grass.  I really love that stuff because it's super easy to grow. You don't toil the soil or do anything but spread it over the top of existing grass and water it. 

Usually, I just wait until several days of rain are forecast and don't bother manually watering it at all.  It's beautiful grass, very easy to grow and maintain - and dies out when summer hits lol. It doesn't regrow the next season, you have to buy the seed all over again and start all over again. 

But, it's exciting to see the new grass that's been in there like 8 months finally doing something.  I spent a small fortune on it and it only covered maybe an 1/8th of the front lawn.  After seeing it do nothing for all this time, didn't seem prudent to buy any more of it and frankly, I'm not going to anyway.  If it really does it's thing, it will eventually take over the entire lawn, the neighbors lawn on that side of the house and move to the back lawn - which is a shambles at the moment.  That is an irritating situation with neighbor's trees overhanging the yard and dumping s*** all year long.  I hardly ever clean it up anymore, it's just a waste of time. Couple that with the neighbor that is elevated on the other side whose yard is never cleaned and full of that stuff - washing over onto our property every time it rains? Forget it.  I get tired of the mess once in a while and clean it all up only to have it trashed very quickly.

I'm not sure how that Zoysia will do in the back yard, it would be years before it ever got that far anyway. 

I saw pallets of summer grass being sold cheap the other day, that would be nice back there - until it got covered with all that tree crap and then seem like a waste of time.

Regardless, departure time for work almost here.  And following this hurricane situation.  Amazing how some natural thing can capture everyone's attention.  It degraded to a Cat 2 and now is Cat 3 again, willing be hitting the Carolinas.  The forecaster on the news said a Cat 3 hasn't hit there since 1996. I feel for those people, but there's a reason I don't live on the coasts. Nice places to live - normally - until one of these monsters come at you.  Nice places to visit on vacation!

With that, off to the races!


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