Saturday, September 7, 2019

Well it's Saturday morning. The neighbor's 30 year old son came ringing the doorbell and then pounding on the door earlier, waking me up out of a peaceful sleep.  It wasn't early, but I could have taken another hour or so of sleeping in.  His only statement was that his mom had left town for the weekend, but the dog was outside, are y'all taking care of the dog?  Yup, we're dealing with the dog.  So he went into a long statement of how he had told her he would take care of  the dog and yada yada yada, I simply told him we had it covered.

"I guess I'll go back to Longview then". Yes, that sounds like a good idea, closed the door and hoped the kids weren't awakened by the door bell or the pounding on the door.  Which they weren't.  But the dogs wanted out, naturally, so I had to hope that wouldn't make too much noise as well.  It didn't, thankfully, you want those kids to sleep as late as possible.

Anyway, I got back into town from Oklahoma early yesterday, like 9:30am.  So it gave me the entire day to enjoy being home and another entire day today before heading back down to Brownsville tomorrow.  I got lucky on that one, one of the drivers declared she was taking some time off and passing the run onto someone else - which just happened to be me next in line.  I was slated for an El Dorado trip, the worst paying trip you can get in this division of this company. A complete waste of time.

Brownsville is, by my manager's definition, behind again and causing everyone to have to wait.  I'll be happy with another 2 day wait? Tomorrow is Sunday and almost never do they have a trailer available on Sunday even when they are "caught up". And there should be a driver or two ahead of me, I can only hope to stay down there til' Tuesday and have another nice paycheck in a row.

The guy at the starter placed called me - an hour after I had come home from that town. Your started is in, he left a message cause I had the ringer turned off. Well, no biggies, the boat is in the shop for 2 weeks but I don't want to leave this guy hanging either.  Get the starter and maybe even go over to the shop and see about installing it to make sure it's the right one - tho this starter guy seems to know his stuff quite well, I'm fairly confident it will be the right one. But then, I could send the one back that I bought that was the wrong one and get my money back for that one.

As for today?  Probably going to smoke a pork butt that I was going to the other day - or put it  in the freezer and do something different.  Not sure I'm in the mood for pulled pork today.  I could crockpot it but it wouldn't have that nice, smoky taste that makes it so wonderful.  Of course, I could smoke it for 2 or 3 hours and then dump it in the crockpot.  A bit of indecision here. Lol.


Well now we have a problem. The house central AC isn't working. It tries to turn on but it won't fire up.  I suspect a bad capacitor again, but, as with everything around here, those types of places that sell that stuff? Not open on the weekends.  But, the line is frozen?  So it's not the capacitor. 

I've got it narrowed down to either the fan capacitor on the inside unit or the fan motor itself.  The fan tries to come on when you hit the switch. Its still a bit cool in the house, but it's 98 degrees outside, it's going to heat up in here - excepting my room, I've got that AC turned down to 67 so it will stay on and keep the room cook, coupled with my giant ceiling fan to help circulate that cool air. 

This stuff always has to happen on the weekends.  You can't just take the motor out and take it parts place and have it tested. They aren't open.  Calling out an AC tech - add hundreds of dollars for weekend/emergency work, if you can find anyone to come out.  These small, old towns are set in their ways.  I just know I"m not going to burn up and I already offered my room to them. I could take the dogs to the other house and stay the night in the semi, I have to get up early anyway. 

In my view, it's not worth calling them out here on the weekend.  I've had that situation and I've had them charge me to come out and then tell me they can't get the parts until Monday - and that was in Phoenix, a huge, giant city. If they can't do that there, I doubt we're finding anything here to deal with this.  No sense in paying the extra money for something you likely aren't going to be able to get fixed right away anyway - and - paying extra for after hours/emergency service.  I'ts not an emergency. I'll be out of here until Monday night at the earliest, but highly likely Tuesday. My room is cool, the AC isn't turning off now in my window but it's keeping up with it.  It's a 12,000 BTU unit. However, the room is very large lol. 

I dunno, but Taylor is taking a nap, there aren't any parts available, they will have to make a decision when she gets up.  I don't consider this my problem.  I can help with financing fixing it if needed, but I don't feel I should pay for this.  I'm just glad I have my own AC unit. Otherwise? I would be heading towards the cheap, $35 per day hotel down the street. Strike that, since I"m going out tomorrow, I'd be taking the dogs to the other house and going to the yard. There is nothing wrong with being at the yard the night before and not having to get up so early . They can stay cool without having to make rash decisions and I will stay cool in my truck. 

That's that. That's where this day has gone. We were having fun before we got 

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