Sunday, September 8, 2019

I've been following with interest this Walmart decision to stop selling pistols and ammo for certain guns and their decision to not allow open carry in their stores.

Conservatives and Republicans went bat-shit crazy over that last part and declared boycott! Walmart!

They apparently didn't read a few lines further in all of those stories that they were not banning concealed carry.  This makes perfect sense to me.  I never open carry.  I think it's just asking for trouble.  You also might be making yourself a target in the advent of one of these mass shootings - that guy has a gun, the killer thinks, shoot him first. 

Highly likely you will never encounter in your entire lifetime a situation where you will need to draw that gun on anyone, so why open carry anyway? I can see it out hiking in the wilderness, you want it easily accessible to pull in case of a confrontation with a wild animal.  But even if you got into that kind of confrontation, you still may not need to use it.  The fact that an animal is staring you down does not mean it will attack you - been there and done that on countless occasions.  No need to senselessly shoot the poor animal if it just turns around and walks away or if you slowly back off from it.

So I find my fellow conservative arguments about this Walmart decision ridiculous.  It's also private property, which nullifies this idea that it is somehow a "public space".  I don't know where conservatives came up with these arguments, but they are wrong.  Walmart can make any decision about what they allow in their stores, all they want, it's their property, they get to make those rules.  If we're going to be consistent as conservatives, certainly you should be looking at property rights. Do you want the government to come telling you what you can and cannot do with respect to guns and other people having them on your property?

Talk about opening up a can of worms! 

Them decided to stop selling pistols and certain ammo is also their business.  They don't sell pistols at the Walmarts anywhere in this region.  They sell hunting rifles and shotguns, yes.  They sell ammo for some of the pistols that they are going to discontinue, yes. It might cause me to have to pay more if I decide to buy ammo locally, otherwise I can order it online cheaper than I can buy it at any brick and mortar store.

When I see people proclaiming they are boycotting a store, I always wonder if they ever went to that store in the first place?  I'm guessing not.  I am not boycotting Walmart, but I rarely go there. I hate those stores.  Just despise going into them.  Weirdos and people wanting to start trouble and arguing, I don't need all of that s***.  I almost exclusively only go in there for dog food now.  Occasionally I'll buy some work jeans and some socks and such, but very rare.  So if I were to say I was boycotting Walmart, it wouldn't really be any kind of statement at all.  I suspect that is true with a lot of these people making such claims.

Now, if I were to boycott the local Krogers, I spent at least $600 a month there, probably a lot more. I don't really keep track.  It would be foolish for me to boycott them, they are my main source for groceries.  There are 2 Super 1 food stores, but they have limited selection and higher prices.  Anyway, this current situation with conservatives making all of these statements is baffling to me. 

Well enough of that.  I am about to go off to work.  Brownsville, it's a Sunday, should be a relatively easy ride down there - especially the Houston part of it.  I'd rather stay home and sleep in today, but making money isn't terribly shabby,either. Have to earn that dough to pay for the boat upholstery!


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