Monday, September 9, 2019

Nothing too great.
Driving on Sunday is great for traffic, terrible for my psyche.  That's a I-want-to-stay-home-and-do-nothing-day.  It wears me out.  I was awfully tired this morning.

OOOH MY.... the dogs smell TERRIBLE!! What on earth have the been into?!!!! Gross!

My goodness, I may have to throw them clean on out of here tonight, that is disgusting!  Smell like death, rotting garbage and a bit of skunk thrown in.  Okay, maybe not THAT bad, but it's pretty bad ugh.

Last night was quite trying when I arrived at that yard down there. There was only one parking spot available for the trailer I was pulling. Clear in the back of the lot, in a corner.  The lot was so full that they had dropped empty trailers in front of trailers on the lines.    The only way to get the trailer back in there was at an extreme angle relative to the spot, and then just as the tandems on the trailer started to pass the corner of the trailer on one side, crank the truck steering tires the opposite direction and try to jackknife the thing in there. 

It was late, it was dark, I was tired and I had to get out like 15 times to walk back there and make sure I wasn't about to run into the trailer on the other side, my blind side. That's that kind of backing where you expect to have a spotter help guide you in.  I'm not joking, either, I got my exercise last night just getting in and out of the truck. A good way to get fired? Just back a trailer into one of the other company's trailers. 

Well, I got it in there. Then I thought there were no empties because the other 3 trailers were on the concrete slabs, normally meaning they were full. Otherwise, they just drop them on the dirt.  But I checked the water meter gauge - tells you if there's any fluid in it or not - 0 inches.  Gag.  No detention pay : (  Well whatever, I went to the new Love's truckstop which was totally full - excepting the bobtail spaces where I parked, went to bed, got up this morning, go under the trailer and got out of there.

And now? Worn out.  It was cool tho, that when I got back to the yard they were having yet another BBQ cookout and they offered me some.  It was amazingly good! They had lightly smoked the meat with cherry wood chips and had marinated it with whatever - it was really good stuff.  They have a culture there of eating together if any of the regulars who are actually social are there.  There are plenty there are very unsocial and don't like to talk to anyone unless they are bitching about something. 

But these guys are good guys and fun to hang out with.  The manager showed up about the time I pulled into the yard - she had a newborn baby.  Sleeping, quiet little thing.  I asked how it was related if at all? Oh, you know the 16 year old girl we took in?

Okayyyy.  16 year old having babies!  That'll change your life forever.  Especially at that age.  No judgement from me, it's whatever. Condoms work tho!  Lol  Grandma was happy, didn't want to poo poo on her party. 

And arriving at the other house has turned into a entertainment/shit show.  This 18 year old kid has no manners.  Has no work ethic.  Has no schedule to do anything.  He plays his video games and he sleeps and he eats. He has no social life excepting what I assume through the games he plays, you know, like talking to people on group games while you're playing? I'm only assuming he does that, I have no clue if he really does. He's very unsociable.  He got made at the ladies today because the other lady tenant didn't invite him with them to go get DQ blizzards. 

His parents came over yesterday and told him they weren't going to pay for next month's rent, he needs to go get a job.  His parents. Again, I hate to judge, but how do you raise a boy to be that socially awkward, self-centered, introverted and stuck up?  They basically lied about the whole situation to get rid of him.  I wasn't a part of any of those discussions so I don't know what was actually said, I am going by Maria's retelling of the stories.  I can only say that I gave my hesitations about getting an 18 year old in there, especially if parents are bringing him there, out of THEIR house. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. 

It isn't a ghost, but it sure sounds like it has the stink to high heaven problem.  And it did.  I was right, but I didn't rub it in.  Just knew this would turn into a problem.  This kid doesn't want to work and he doesn't care.  He'll have to sell his high dollar gaming computer to pay for next month's rent.  I'm assuming the parents paid the thousands of dollars that thing cost.  It's not that they can't afford to pay his rent next month, I assume they are trying to wean him off the bottle. They should have started that process - about what, 17-1/2 years ago?  And then dumping this shit onto someone else, leaving out large portions of what's actually going on?  And trying to say they "thought he would be more motivated to get a job"?  Do they think the rest of us are that dumb?  You throw the boy out by leading him to a prepaid room and think that that is going to magically change him? 

What he needs is boot camp.  Or some similarly structured environment that is disciplined and has rather rigid structure concerning your daily schedule.  Anyway, I stay tuned to this situation intently since I am directly involved with it.  Regardless, he could probably sell that computer for a grand, easily.  But - he would be a totally miserable adult child.  I don't take pleasure in other people's suffering - unless they're people like Isis - but at the same time, it would be a nice wake-up call. 

Enough of that. Tomorrow I'll run to 2 towns over and get the new starter, get some other stuff done while over there, head back here and take the starter to the shop where the boat is.  I want to see if any progress has been made - I have no reason to suspect they haven't I just want to see it - and use the starter as an excuse. Actually, I want to put that starter in and take the new one that doesn't work out and get it sent back and get my money back.

I hate that Sears went out over there in that town. They shut that huge, giant store down.  I liked clothes shopping there and looking at things such as grills and tools and such.  Really a dynasty gone south.  I really liked Sears, I know they were a dying brand but it was one of my favorite places as a kid and I still like it today.  Internet shopping is fine, but a big brick and mortar such as that one is pretty cool with all the diversity of items they have. 

Well, it's getting latish. Not really late but enough. Time to go to sleep. 

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